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Be a featured artist on the Colour In Your Life Show and
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 Have your art in front of an audience of millions! 

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We film 24 minute story based art documentaries about you and your art in your studio and we distribute it to an audience of millions!

Why choose Colour In Your Life?

Because there is simply no other art marketing channel like us!

Global Reach

The Colour in Your Life (CIYL) TV Series is a digital record of the many varied talents and techniques of visual artists. The show has recorded hundreds of artists across the globe.

The TV Show airs on stations in over fifty countries

on six continents including Australia, New Zealand, UK, US, Canada, South Africa, the Pacific Islands and many countries in Europe.
It has a massive social media following of hundreds of thousands, with tens of millions of views on YouTube alone.
The Colour in Your Life audience is growing exponentially. You need to be in front of them!

Filming in seven countries

Whilst Graeme and Sophia film in Australia, New Zealand, US, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we also have three other film crews ready to film artists as well.
Graeme and John Cosby Laguna beach

You can also post your own instructional video on our channel and reach 100,000's of people!

Once you become a CIYL featured artist then you have to opportunity to make your own instructional videos and publish them to an audience of millions on our YouTube Channel.  Our fans are your fans!

Ramey Dixon on Colour In Your Life

Come to us to be filmed

In 2018 we opened two film studios - one on the Gold Coast, Australia; and one in Southern California, USA.  We are welcoming applications from artists to travel to us to be filmed.

Now there really is no excuse! :)

Social Media Presence

The CIYL TV shows are seen on many social media platforms including Facebook,  Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, and the Smart TV app - Daily Motion.

Shown in institutions

They have been purchased by libraries, universities, colleges, schools, jails, and other educational institutions from around the world. The show is also available for access by television stations around the world.

Art Community

Colour In Your Life website is an international arts hub as well as a gallery, a shop and an art business directory. It hosts an international community forum, so creative knowledge can be shared, and international relationships can be built through conversations.

We have our own premium members facebook group sharing friendship, ideas, and opportunities.


Yes,  there is a cost in having a 24-minute documentary made about you and your art.

It differs from country to country. 

50% of the cost is due before filming and the balance after it goes to air on YouTube.

This price differs according to where you live, but it is generally around the price of a decent sized advertisement in an art magazine.... but, unlike an art magazine,  it doesn't get put on the shelf after one lasts forever... 

Many artists have their show sponsored by patrons, suppliers or businesses or councils who appreciate the benefits that global exposure brings.

If you are an art business then you can claim the cost as a tax-deductible marketing expense. 

Should I spend my money on a CIYL video or an art magazine advertisement? The both cost around the same .....

Magazine Advertising or a CIYL TV Show?

All successful artists need to do a certain amount of marketing and promotion.
A website with products on sale and a good social media presence is the fundamentals of your marketing, but you still need some form of a funnel to lead clients to your website to make sales.
We've compared the benefits of having a magazine ad to a CIYL video. A CIYL video comes out on top by far!

Not quite ready for a video? Perhaps you need some art business coaching?

We know a lot of artists who struggle with selling their art and that's why we are offering business coaching to help get your art business to the next level.

If you're serious about making money from your art, then you need to talk to us.

Read more about  Art Business Coaching here.

CIYL art business coaching

Join us for a conversation with artists who are interested in learning about being on the Colour in Your Life TV Show.

We'd love you to join us obligation-free.

We'd love you to join us obligation-free.

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: Mar 17, 2020 10:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Have your art documentary filmed by us and receive:

Colour In Your Life Episode

A 24-minute TV show focused entirely on you, your artwork and your techniques. This will be available online and your personal copy.

Increased Search Engine Rankings

Increased ranking on Google and other search engines with the understanding that video is the most important SEO tool.

Premium Membership

Get access to premium membership perks in the Colour In Your Life website. Sell your artwork, display your art in the gallery and connect with artists around the globe.

Business Coaching

Get great advice from Graeme himself on how to best use the video pre and post production.

Add to our Channel

Get a chance to load your instructional videos onto our channel, teaching and sharing your knowledge with other artists around the globe.

Leave a Legacy

The opportunity to change people’s lives and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Watch the Video to See How It Works

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It was a wonderful day.  I can't thank you all enough. Really exciting and I hope to be able to work more with you in the future. My life is much richer as a result.  And the video hasn't even come out yet!
However, it has really shot a rocket up my bum and got me out of a bit of a 'pause', which I have been having for a while as I think about which direction to go next.  As I said to Graeme and Sophia, I need a change, and for the first time in my career I don't have exhibitions booked (deliberately) so I can think about other things. Who knows, some opportunities might come out of the show!
Also, what was stunning - was the methodology of Graeme.  He works hard (but very honestly and naturally) at milking the absolute best out of the artist so that they can give to the show (public) their best. For me, it was about something very important to me – my work with narrative/story and the deeper roots. He stayed with that the entire time. I felt like I was really ME through the whole process. I have had a lot of 'interviews', and it's rare to have that sense constantly.
So thank you!

Helen Norton

Season 20 Episode 5 

Linda Gunn

My video was unique in that it was filmed outside in what turned out to be a difficult location due to shadows and space for setting up the cameras and screens. I had chosen to paint on a shady bluff 100 ft. above the Pacific Ocean. Graeme and Sophia with her cameras did a fabulous job of working around the obstacles.Then it got worse! Filming was interrupted by a huge rescue operation taking place below, above and around us. Firetrucks and Paramedics on the lawn, Coast Guard and Harbor Patrol boats below and a helicopter above that produced not only noise but wind and dust.

I must admit that I was concerned that the taping of my demonstration had been ruined. To my delight, Sophia did a more than perfect job of editing out the noise and commotion that seemingly had ruined the day. The only evidence of the helicopter hovering above was the blowing of my hair.

Every artist has aspirations of sharing their artistic techniques in a large important venue. My experience with Graeme Stevenson and his team has provided me with more promotion than I could have ever imagined.

I’m contemplating another video next year. Too much fun not to repeat the adventure!

Linda Gunn

Season Thirteen Episode Ten

Stephanie Burns

My series Fine Art Tips with Stephanie Burns on “Colour In Your Life” has brought far more awareness of my work to a much greater audience. It has also driven a lot of traffic to my websites. One hot tip I have for artists considering joining Colour in Your Life is getting your website sorted before the show so that you can engage with the new audience and make sure you can ask them to sign up and continue to talk to them. I didn’t do that and have since realised that I didn’t fully use the opportunity in the way that I should have. Luckily the program continues to grow as does the audience and those changes are being made and I will be able to talk to my new audience from next week.

This is one of the best marketing tools I have ever used. And the team are so lovely and generous, they are easy to work with and very professional.

Stephanie Burns

Season Thirteen Episode Nine

Linda Schroeter

After the segment aired, I picked up a lot of newsletter subscribers to my online newsletter, mostly from Australia. A few people emailed with advice on some technical questions which led me to write a blog on values which then got picked up by Fine Art views and published. That led to a lot of USA newsletter additions. I have had a few requests to come and teach in Melbourne which I would love to do in the future. It has been a very positive response and I enjoy hearing from people! Thanks so much.

Linda Schroeter

Season Thirteen Episode Six

Barbara von Seida

We have noticed that Barbara’s video which you placed on Youtube just 4 weeks ago, has hit 10,000!!! We are overwhelmed and delighted with the response. Invites to conduct workshops have also been received, not only from within New Zealand but also Australia and Mexico. Thank you for producing a video which has attracted such a large audience in such a short time.

Barbara von Seida

Season Twelve Episode Nine

Geoffrey Balckburn

I wanted to tell you how AWESOME a job you did on my episode!!! I don't think I adequately conveyed how impressed I am with your work. You ROCK!! I really appreciate what you did. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I am now so overwhelmed with responses, I haven't done a thing on the book or even gone grocery shopping since it came out...yikes! I need to clone myself...cheers..

R. Geoffrey Blackburn

Season 18 Episode 13

Read more testimonials from the Artists that have featured on Colour In Your Life

"Art and what is does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and souls of all that see it."

Graeme Stevenson OAM

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