2017 Artist Pack

Market yourself to an international audience and take your career as an artist to the next level.

Vision: To build a library of the minds of artists; to preserve a digital record of creative spirit, culture and techniques for future generations.

About : Colour In Your Life

Put Some Colour In Your Life, or Colour In Your Life (CIYL), is anart education televisionshow founded by Master Artist and CEO Graeme Stevenson in 2011. It began in the small town of Murwillumbah, located between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in Northern New South Wales, Australia. From this uniquely artistic region it has spread to include artists from the rest of Australia and the world.

Art and what is does for our society is incredibly important to the spirit and souls of all that see it.Graeme Stevenson

The  CIYL TV Series is an art educational archive. It is a digital record of the many varied talents and techniques of visual artists.  The television show is now in its is now in its 14th season and has recorded around 200 artists.  It has reached over 30 million of viewers. The show gets thousands of responses from both the viewers and the artists explaining how the show as has positively affected their lives their lives.


It’s only a month since the show hit the YouTube channel and already I’ve had over 7,000 views.  A lovely lady named Julie from New Zealand saw my episode and fell in love with a painting in the background and purchased it. Rhonda Armistead – Season Thirteen, Episode Two

CIYL website runs seamlessly in conjunction with the TV Series. It is an international arts hub as well as a gallery, a shop and an art business directory. It hosts an international community forum so creative knowledgecan be shared, art work can be displayed, and international relationships can be built through conversations. The television series and website offers investors, educators, students, teachers, and people all over the world the chance to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right-brained people.

Where can you see the shows?

The CIYL TV shows are seen on many social media platforms including: Facebook, You tube, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, Opera TV and Daily Motion.

They have been purchased by libraries, universities, colleges, school, jails, and other educational institutions from around the world

The show is available for purchase by television stations around the world.  It is currently screening or has screened in Australia, USA and England on over 300 stations.
See the full list here.


Current statistics

  • CIYL Website: 4,000 + members · YouTube: 63,000 + subscribers · Facebook : 29,000+ followers


Watch this video to see how it all works!

What do you get when you choose to become a featured artist for CIYL?

  1. A 24-minute TV show focused entirely on you, your artwork and your techniques.
  • An online sales tool for galleries, trade shows, private clients and investorsall over the world.
  • Your show is made available on CD or online.
  • Your show is made available to a multitude of educational systems including colleges, universities and schools.
  • Your show is uploaded to:
  • The CIYL website
  • The CILYL YouTube channel and other online streaming systems including Vimeo, Opera TV, Daily Motion
  1. Increased ranking on google and other search engines with the understanding that video is the most important SEO tool.


  1. Full membership of CIYL website
  • Receive a listing in our art business directory
  • Connect with global artists
  • Participate in community forums
  • Receiveinvitations to virtual networking events
  • Receive our newsletter
  • List unlimitedgallery items
  • Sell through our shop and list unlimitedshop products with 15% shop commission on sold items
  • Access to Webinars –from leading artists about on selling art, making presentations and increasing your audience with your social media networking.
  • Access to blooper reels and behind the scenes photos and footage
  • Tom Shanks Annual Social Statement Award (TBC)
  • Skype Chats with Graeme (TBC)
  • Members Voting rights (TBC)
  • Monthly Members Draw (TBC)
  • Annual Members Draw (TBC)
  • Chance Members Draw (TBC
  • chance to win a TV Episode based on your Art - Annual Draw (TBC)
  1. The Opportunity to make a webinar with Graeme
  2. Business coaching: how to use the video pre and post production.
  3. The opportunity to change people’s lives and leave a legacy for the next generation.

 “Dear Graeme just a short note (because due to Colour In Your Life, I don't have the time to write a substantial letter of thanks) to thank you for airing my series of Colour In Your Life, the response has been awesome!!!!!!

My resin workshops are all filling up with people from all over the country, I will be accommodating people from Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney and New Castle. I am blown away by the response. My supplier has had calls from America, New Zealand, Perth and Darwin, not bad for a passionate little artist like myself. I can only thank you and the very clever Sophia for her very skilled editing, for putting on a very entertaining session, showcasing resin art.

Thank you Guys, I hope you will be responsible for making Hampton Art Supplies more successful by encouraging people to have a go, and put some colour in their lives”


A Colour In Your Life episode takes one day to film on location at your studio.Alternative arrangements can be made if the artist wishes to travel to meet the team.

When you are ready to take your practice to the next level.
contact the team at [email protected]


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