Be On the Show

Do You Want to Be On
Colour In Your Life?

Colour In Your Life is always looking for new artists to be on the show. If you would like to take your career as an artist to the next level, and market yourself to an international audience, then this is how.

A Colour In Your Life episode takes one day to film, on location at your studio (alternative arrangements can be made if the artist wishes to travel to meet the team).

If you’re interested in being in an episode, contact the Team at [email protected]

The Advantages of Being on
Colour In Your Life

These are a few factors that should enable Artists to see why being a part of the series is extremely beneficial to an Artists career.

  • Firstly, in the last 5 years the world has been in a global slump, with at least 50% of galleries closing down.
  • Established artists that have had a career of twenty years or more are still able to get into some galleries, but not all. Where does that leave the rest of the artists that want to expose their work to the public?
  • What more can established Artists do for their careers that will enable them to get much larger global exposure?
  • The series is now aired in multiple countries with many more interested with what the Colour In Your Life series is doing for audiences, educators and Artists
  • We have a growing audience through our YouTube channel and our Facebook page is growing rapidly. The potential growth and exposure via these social media forums is huge and many of our artists have commissions placed after the show is loaded. Imagine over 5000 views on your  episode sometimes in the first week alone. Don’t take our word for it, subscribe to our YouTube page and see for yourself.
  • It is also an amazing format for Art manufacturers, wholesalers, frame shops and galleries to be a part of this great opportunity by sponsoring artist to be on the show.
  • In the past the best way to expose your work was to have exhibitions. If your work was good enough, you entered Art competitions, won prizes, so that the public could get to know what you were doing
  • All well and good, and those practices still work, but with the technology that has been developed in the last two decades, through the internet and new media formats, the ability for many businesses to increase their world exposure is far greater than any other time in the history of man
  • Colour In Your Life, the website and the TV series, is enabling Artists to obtain a far greater public awareness than ever before. The fee that is charged to be on the show, in comparison to taking out a good sized Ad in any of the Australian Art magazines is not even comparable.
  • A magazine Ad will possibly go to 20 or 30 thousand readers, who are most likely artists themselves, and can cost anywhere from four to twenty thousand dollars, depending on which magazine you are advertising in. On most occasions it will not create any responses at all. After doing this for thirty years I am well aware of that. With Colour In Your Life, instead of being seen only for a month to those that may pick up the magazine, you will be seen globally across all of our platforms till the end of time.
  • Our online shop has seen a marked increase in Artist’s sales for artists across the world.
  • The show can be used as a tool for Artists to present themselves to art galleries and clients by including the URL in their promotional material. The episodes are currently available on YouTube, Vimeo and the Colour In Your Life website.
  • A number of Artists are using their show on their own website to promote their work and creativity. A number of the major Australian and International Art prizes are now looking to be a part of the Colour In Your Life format. They well understand that the printed media is not as strong as it used to be and the TV show has the ability to promote their Art prize for many years to come.
  • This is an amazing way to show the world an Artist’s creativity and to increase the amount of sales that you can make.
  • A number of the Artists have seen a huge increase in their workshop and class sizes, and have been invited by many Art societies to teach as well.
  • The Artists should look at this as being part of the educational legacy they leave behind. Margaret Olley has passed on and not one of her interviews was about her techniques or the way she did what she did. Could you imagine having a video of Picasso talking about how he did what he did?
  • For years to come at no further cost to the Artists many thousands of people will be able to see who they are and what they do.
  • Graeme often hears from Artists about how tough things are and how broke they are as well, all very valid points and being an Artist himself for thirty years, he well knows the ups and downs of what the world of Art can do to an Artist. In saying that Graeme often suggests to Artists that want to be on the series, but have not got the funds, to simply use the idea and opportunity to talk to their existing and past clients. Even speaking to someone that may sponsor them, or approaching their local councils. A number of Artists have been sponsored by their councils, as it gives the Colour In Your Life team a chance to promote the area on the show as well as the Artist. A win-win for everyone.
  • Artists that have spoken to their clients have been very surprised to find they have sold a number of pieces, as the clients are just as keen for the Artist to become well known due to the fact that they have their work. Plus, the editors of the show then put the clients name up in the show as a patron of the Arts in the credits. Once again a win-win for all involved with that Artists work.

Why not head into the Government Arts Funding website and see what’s available to you? We’ve had artists from regional Queensland apply for and receive grants that supported them being on the show. If you’d like to see some of those shows, head to Season Seven of our episodes. One of those being Sue Lederhose.

It’s not just the Australian Government sponsoring arts and culture either – New Zealand has funding options as well!

 Seize the opportunity and put your art on a global platform!

It’s simply a matter of thinking outside the box. It’s obvious that all Artists want to sell their work, but the old ways of doing business, or even advertising in magazines for absolutely no results are slowly going by the wayside. What better way to tell the world who you are for a long time to come than to have your own television program?