Colour In Your Life presents
Gayle Garner Roski

Watercolor, according to Gayle Garner Roski, is a “medium of magic.” With watercolor you never know exactly how it will come out, as you cannot rework what you have already done, she explains.


Colour In Your Life presents
Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads is driven to help people learn to paint. Because painting changed his life he has a goal to teach a million people to paint because painting brings joy into your life, reduces stress, makes you happier, and it taps into your creative side.

Colour In Your Life presents
Penelope Gilbert

Penelope Gilbert creates classically inspired contemporary custom oil and pastel portrait paintings for official, corporate and private commissions.

Colour In Your Life presents
David Woodford

David Woodford’s work, is the result of enquiry, meticulous drawings and precise plein-air studies on location in all weathers.

Colour In Your Life presents
Ian Walton

Award Winning Artist Ian Walton is a self-taught artist who started painting in Oils at age 13

Put Some Colour in Your Life

Building a library of the minds of artists to preserve a digital record of creative spirit, culture and techniques for future generations.

Put Some Colour In Your Life, or Colour In Your Life, is a television series created by Master Artist and CEO Graeme Stevenson. It began in the small town of Murwillumbah, just south of the NSW/QLD border in Australia, and from this incredibly artistic region has spread out to encompass the arts and artists of Australia, and the world.




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