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Rae Woolnough

Colour In your Life Rae Woolnough

Featured artist Rae Woolnough appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Four (4). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Rae’s love of art and textiles has been a lifelong interest, from sewing her first garment at eight years of age to designing and making her own wedding dress, there has always been a connection with textiles and design. She has studied photography, life drawing, painting, interior design, ceramics, graphic design and has studied Fine Arts at University.

Rae discovered felting several years ago and since then has experimented and researched felt making, exploring new and different techniques and textural directions.

Merino wool fibre and silk are the main content of her artwork, and she is constantly searching for new and interesting fibres and yarns to embellish her works. She considers herself fortunate to live in Australia where good quality merino wool is plentiful in supply. Rae will often include alpaca, mohair, hemp, camel, silk, and other fibres into her work to create texture and dimension. The earth is a constant reminder to her of the mysteries of existence.

Rae lives in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia and her art studio backs onto a natural bushland reserve. She admits to spending too much time on her studio verandah, drinking tea, planning her next artwork and enjoying her surroundings.

Rae has exhibited her work through solo and group exhibitions in galleries throughout Australia.

“Everyone has a guilty pleasure – mine is possessing beautiful yarns. I must have them like some people must-have shoes!” The construction of felt is, in many ways, similar to natural geological processes. Friction, moisture, heat and pressure work together to meld fibres and create felt. The fibres and materials can be guided through the process – but never dictated – the outcome is always something new and often surprising.” ~ Rae Woolnough

You can contact Rae Woolnough directly via her website at

Episode: S04E04

Original Air Date: 31st March 2013

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