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Kelli McGregor

Colour In Your Life Kelli McGregor

Featured artist Kelli McGregor appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Two (2). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Kelli McGregor is an emerging artist who began her artistic career later in life than most. Her experience in architectural design heightened her awareness of space and negative shapes and of the compositional dynamic they create. Kelli combines training in design with an unerring sense of the aesthetic to produce her striking figurative paintings. While they are essentially studies in composition and colour, her images convey a feeling of the warmth and energy that is evocative of the Australian lifestyle.

Her landscape paintings not only encapsulate the essential elements, colours and features of the Australian landscape but also recreate the ambience and the ‘feel’ of being there. Typically, her work is exuberant, vibrant, confident and eye-catching. Most pieces are charged with positive energy and overflow with dazzling colour.

Born in country Victoria, Kelli later lived in a number of places including Perth and Alice Springs and Darwin before finally moving to settle in the Fraser Coast QLD, where she is now based.

Kelli’s work has evolved continuously, moving from expressionist figurative work through to a range of interpretive and semi-realistic landscapes and seascapes. Kelli now finds she has turned full circle and is again more concerned with composition and colour.

Kelli is fascinated to see how people react to both their environment and with each other, she tries to express body language and mood rather than a realistic image. Kelli didn’t set out to be an environmental artist or to create artwork relating to social commentary but she does want to capture the relationship we have with our natural environment.

You can contact Kelli McGregor directly via her website at

Episode: S02E05

Original Air Date: 15th July 2012

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