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Donna O’Callaghan

Colour in Your Life featured artist Donna O’Callaghan appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Three (23).

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Donna O’Callaghan is an emerging fine artist from Gippsland in country Victoria. Her work features textural abstracts, minimalist compositions and more recently, increasingly complex palettes using acrylics and mixed media on canvas, canvas paper and board.

Donna’s strong connection to the ocean can be seen in her art. Her art has a focus on climate change, impacting on the ocean and its inhabitants.

“I create ocean based artworks which incorporate corals, coral spawn, and the ocean which promote a conversation surrounding conservation. I love diving, and incorporate the feeling I get when I’m diving in my artwork. It’s a wonderful feeling when I start a new artwork.”

Donna created an exhibition for the East Gippsland Art Gallery which was ocean inspired, titled “Nitrogen Narcosis”, and incorporated an audio visual component. The sounds were of the air from the regulator and the crackling which you can hear under the water from some fish chomping on rocks and other critters. 

One of Donna’s favourite things to do underwater is to dive down head first to the corals and then turn over to look at the surface and watch her bubbles slowly wander up. She says, “the sunbeams look amazing through the water and it’s also nice if you have a friend to watch coming down from the surface. Its just so relaxing”.

Donna is inspired to visit galleries and see how the works are created. She is very tactile, and If she was allowed to feel the artworks, she would!  She loves to create texture in her works and encourages people to touch them.

Donna gained representation with Melissa Cahill of Madame Hunter Art in 2020.

Donna’s first solo exhibition was with the Abi Edwards Gallery, Tonimbuk, Victoria, first solo public gallery exhibition with East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale and has been involved in a number of group exhibitions including The Old Auction House in Kyneton, Victoria, Madame Hunter Art, Malvern, Victoria and a two part community arts project with Lifeline. 2021 has seen Donna exhibit with the Gippsland Art Gallery, Maffra, with a solo exhibition called “Archipelago”. Donna is the creator of Australian Virtual Art Gallery on Instagram which supports all Australians involved in the arts.

Donna’s work can be viewed via Madame Hunter Art Salon in Collins Street, Melbourne CBD and Malvern East, at her studio in Traralgon, in current exhibitions, online and in stores.

For more of Donna O’Callaghan’s work, see her website here.

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Episode: S23E06

Original Air Date: 29th April 2022

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