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Dave Behrens

Colour In Your Life Dave Behrens

Featured artist Dave Behrens appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Two (2). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Graeme chats to friend and colleague Dave Behrens and watches him create his unique style of art.

At once perplexing and intoxicating, the paintings of Dave Behrens (db3) whisk the viewer into an exhilarating, fantastical world of pattern, shape, and color. Inspired by Art Nouveau and Symbolism, Dave’s latticed, multi-hued paintings exist in the shadowy realm between dreams and reality. Dave’s geometric forms, interchangeably seductively simplistic and elaborately ornate, intimately invite us into a world of wonder and exploration.

Influenced by ancient cultures, particularly that of Egypt & Maya, Dave paints within paintings, evoking a sense of kinship with the past. “I am inspired by the vast universe, the limitless histories of our ancients and yet to be told tales from the futurists,” states Behrens. “I have undertaken a spiritual journey of self-discovery through my art and from that journey, comes the expression of the energy of color and movement in the form of my art.”

Indeed, Dave’s harmony with the universal past is palpable in his vigorously patterned works, stunning in their provocative whimsy and fantasy. His works have been described as bringing a sense of sophistication, glamour, and classic simplicity to works that are anything but simple. A native of Sydney, Australia, Dave lives and works in Brisbane, Australia.

Dave has won awards in 2006 – First Place – Abstract – Maryborough Heritage Art Show, and in 2012 – Inspiration Award – The Peace Project.

In 2016  he has had Exhibitions at:

  • RAW New York Showcase – “Signature”, The Melrose Ballroom, Queens, New York, NY, 13 April, Group Show
  • Queensland Eye Institute (Foyer), Melbourne Street, South Brisbane QLD 4000.
  • Celebration of the Female Form, Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, Windsor QLD, Saturday 4th of June. 6-10.30pm. Group Show

You can contact Dave Behrens directly via his website at

Episode: S02E02

Original Air Date: 24th June 2012

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