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Carole Foster

Colour In Your Life Carole Foster

Featured artist Carole Foster appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Six (6). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Carole Foster was born in 1952 and raised in Wangaratta, Victoria. From an early age, she showed a flair for drawing and painting and now has 30 years of experience as an artist and traveled extensively, living in New Zealand, Norfolk Island, England, Finland, Holland, and Germany using these and other countries as a base to travel and to collect information for paintings. In recent times Carole has traveled extensively in the United States and in South America creating a new look for her works. In 2003 she returned to New York to participate in the Art Expo with Oz Arts.

A solid grounding in realist art has permitted Carole to explore and teach a more contemporary approach to her subject while still being able to experiment. Subsequently, she has developed a modern abstract impressionist style. Her modern abstract approach guarantees her the liberty to grapple with the heavy demands of creating high energy vibrant pieces and equally capturing the visually silent atmospheres in works of a quiet nature.

Many of the color gradations Carole achieves are for maximum emotional and optical impact and it is the fact that they approach unusual color application that adds a unique quality to the work.

Sometimes Carole’s work is gestural and impressionistic and often romantic in quality. She does not restrict herself to landscapes, but for the most, she draws inspiration from the Australian outback. The arid zones, which Carole has experienced first hand during many 4-wheel drive excursions and through hiring small planes for fly-overs, evoke the most emotion in her work.

Carole now lives in Dromana Victoria where her studio is. She currently teachers artists to their final goal and is a part-time curator/artistic director with a large gallery.

Over the last 32 years, Carole has had over 29 Solo Exhibitions. She has worked with Qantas Exhibitions that were throughout the Qantas club lounges around Australia. She has also featured in Brighton Horizon Gallery, Brighton Melbourne, Manyung Gallery Mt. Eliza, First Settlement Gallery, Sorrento, Gullotti Galleries, Perth, Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra, Art Associated, Melbourne, Richmond Galleries, Richmond, The New York Art Expo, New York, Bark Modern, Hong Kong, Art n wine, Sanfrancisco, Post Office Gallery, Seymour, The Smoke House Gallery, Ballarat, Paint Box Fine Art, London.

In December 2006 she was last commissioned to do 5 two-meter tall paintings for a restaurant in San Francisco.

You can contact Carole directly via her website at

Episode: S06E04

Original Air Date: 8th December 2013

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  1. robynpod on November 24, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    Just love to watch this artist over and over. Her brush is like an extension wave of her hand and the colours ‘sing ‘ out. Just wish I was closer to Melbourne ( live in Brisbane).

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