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Reach More With Video Teaser – Your Message & You

Reach more with video your message

Taking a course is a big step - it shows that you’re committed to your career and your creative journey. When you take these steps, when you dedicate yourself to YOU and your future, you’re more likely to succeed.

One of our chapters in the upcoming Reach More With Video tutorial is all about You. Why? Because there’s nobody like you. There’s no one who works the same, thinks the same or creates the same. When you start to consider putting yourself and your content online, you need to consider the kind of people you want to connect with - those who ‘resonate the same way as you, who are interested in what interests you’.

Celia Moriarty will be a guide to you through 3 key areas:

    1. Knowing Yourself
    2. Knowing Your Audience
    3. Knowing Your Message

This approach will help you keep your message on track, make it easier to deliver, resonate with who you are, and give your audience what they want. All this to bring your creative, incredible self online and to clients around the world. So if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, or maybe you just need a little help going the final distance, make sure you subscribe to Reach More With Video for upcoming teasers, suggestions, and tips to take yourself to a larger audience.

Celia Moriarty

A Colour In Your Life artist of season twenty-two, Celia wants to create art to inspire others to see beauty and want to put more of it in the world.

Though she loved art as a teenager, it wasn’t until she was over 50 that Celia renewed her passion to paint. After a friend booked her into a mystery sketching tour of Melbourne, she was hooked. Her love of Australian plants became the focus of her work, and her paintings became gifts for corporate clients that flew around the world. By showing the beauty of Australian flora and creating portrait projects acknowledging excellence and the need for action and change, Celia uses painting to engage what matters to her.

Celia’s successful business as a communications facilitator taught her that people can achieve amazing things when they use step-by-step processes. Breaking ideas into bite-sized chunks and making information logical and simple might seem obvious, but it’s a game-changer. So it is with learning and creativity. Understanding how the brain engages with the creative process can help unlock your internal artist.


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