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    Natascha Wernick

    What are the foundations of building an art practice?

    Foundations to building an art practice is a very broad topic. Many could define this by identifying the physical components of an art practice such as lines, values, tones and the rest. Others will look at the topic from a more esoteric point of view- interpreting feelings, art therapy, connections with others or with a greater force. And yet another point of view is considering your art as a business and thinking of foundations to building an art practice as business techniques.

    What do you think?


    Rhonda Armistead

    I definitely look at all aspects of my Art as my business. And I’m a stickler for Professional Practice in all areas. Although my work varies from Landscapes, Portraits, Paintings, Etchings and Abstract pieces I think there is a commonality to it simply because it’s created by my hand. Right from the beginning of planning a piece, through developing a body of work, to exhibiting that work. When I do a work I like I try to think it through to a final show or product, how it or the body of work will look installed in a gallery or just on someone’s wall. All my work comes with a Bio and a Certificate of Authenticity which I think is an added “Perceived Value” to the product. Then I try to target my audience through Social Media outlets and Gallery advertising, always trying to get free editorial in the local papers wherever the show is located.



    To become art, objects must be made by humans. They must be organized. It is by organizing the visual properties of an object, such as color, lines, and mass – that visual art makes sense – whether approached from any angle, historical or rational. theory, or creativity friv

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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