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Artist Name: Ulla Abildgaard Season: Seven  |  Medium: Acrylic

Ulla’s artwork explores the smoothness of pastels, revealing a peaceful softness and almost dreamy energy. Each piece contains the endless possibilities of using multitude layers of vibrant acrylic on canvas. Utilising this style, Ulla achieves a sense of realism and rawness.

Artist Name: David Alldridge Season: Eighteen  |  Medium: Pastel

David Alldridge was born in Melbourne in 1968, and now lives in Yinnar South in Gippsland.  He is self-taught in pencil art and has been capturing the details of Australian wildlife in pencil since he first learned to draw. A workshop in 2011 unleashed a dormant pastel monster.

Artist Name: John Anderson Season: Five  | Medium: Acrylic

Working across a number of mediums; ceramics, jewelry, sculpture and painting – John Anderson's style is deliberately direct, his brush strokes loose and his palette a plethora of natural hues. John’s artwork has an honest style and his approach manifests in a naive acceptance of Australia’s bird and flora species.

Artist Name: Frank (Francois) Arnold Season: Seventeen  | Medium: Mixed Media

A Canberran through and through, Frank Arnold opened the first Design Studio in Canberra in 1979 offering services in Architecture and Graphic Design. It was known as ‘the sheltered workshop for the creatively insane’. Frank’s painting style is a release from the constraints of Graphic Design and Architecture although his sense of composition still remains.

Artist Name: Graham Austin Season: Seventeen  | Medium: Acrylic

Graham Austin OAM started painting elevated views and discovered working from photographs was generally quite inhibiting.  The camera doesn’t capture the soul of the landscape and it ignores that emanating spirit whereas, memory and imagination does.

Artist Name: Max Baccanello Season: Seventeen  | Medium: Oils

Max Baccanello finished studying at Charles H Cecil Studio in Florence Italy in 2010. Here Max’s tuition was focusedon academic portraiture in hte lineage of traditional representational art and sight size technique. In 2006 Max Baccanello attended a foundation course in fine art at Chelsea Collage of Art and Design at the University of Arts London, after graduating from Shrewsbury School, Where he was awarded the art scholarship.

Artist Name: Uma Barry Season: Ten  | Medium: Oils

Uma Barry is a self-taught artist specializing in oil paintings. Her work has become an irreplaceable part of her life. Inspired by her parents, she began her career in Fine Arts in Fiji at the age of 15. Obtaining conventional paints in Fiji was difficult at the time, so Uma's early pieces of work (figurative paintings of Indian mythology and folklore) were made with Dulux house paints. After finishing high school, Uma painted while working full-time in a law firm for a couple of years. She moved to Australia after her wedding in 1983.

Artist Name: Mealie Batchelor Season: One, Three, Five |  Medium: Mixed Media

Amelia has been a practising visual artist for more than 20 years and now owns and runs a small Art House Gallery in the Northern NSW Region. Amelia is a multi-platform artist with skills based in the mediums of paint, paper, recycling and wire and metal based sculpture, organic sculpture, photography and community art projects. This episode features Amelia painting one of her expressionist fantasy works using acrylic paints.

Artist Name: Barbara Beasley-Southgate Season: Eight |  Medium: Pastel

Although guided and influenced by several well-known Australian Artists, Barbara is basically self-taught. Her expertise has developed over four decades, and although retired from teaching these days, she was an established and well-respected teacher in both oils and pastels for many years.

Artist Name: Dave Behrens Season: Two |  Medium: Acrylic

Inspired by the vast universe, the limitless histories of the ancients and the yet to be told tales of the futurists, Dave creates art that encourages the viewer to be drawn in to explore the unlimited potential of their own imagination.

Artist Name: R. Geoffrey Blackburn Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Acrylic

Working and living in canyon country, R. Geoffrey Blackburn was totally captivated by the amazing red rock vistas around Moab. He was concurrently doing photo studies and sketches of the scenes he encountered prospecting in the area. When he returned to Salt Lake City, he turned many of these studies and sketches into paintings- a practice he continues to this day.

Artist Name: Karen Bloomfield Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Mixed Media

Karen Bloomfield currently lives on the beautiful NSW Central Coast of Australia, and works from a tiny rented studio in the bayside suburb of Killcare. Having completed her Diploma of Fine Art from the Newcastle Art School at the end of 2014, it is hard to believe this prolific artist began learning her trade at 40.

Artist Name: John Bradley Season: Eight |  Medium: Oils

John is recognised as one of Australia’s most versatile artists with subject matter including but certainly not limited to Australian landscapes and seascapes, early 20th-century street scenes, night scenes, misty morning scenes, sunsets and sunrises, locomotives, aircraft and ships, Blue Mountains and figurative work.

Artist Name: Rebecca Brady Season: Three | Medium: Acrylic | Ink | Mixed Media

Society, conformity, the quest for perfection and beauty are the foundations of Rebecca's art making practice. These ideas have a direct relevance to her life and provide a reflection of the world around her in her works, colour can be seen as the symbol of vibration, an intense experience which expands the mind and creates possibilities.

Artist Name: Anthony Breslin Season: Eight  |  Medium: Mixed Media

Anthony Breslin has been a powerfully original force within the Australian art scene ever since the late 90’s. Anthony has produced and delivered many large scale community and charity projects, and has painted with celebrities for fundraising outcomes such as the unique Myer windows project, that even used double glazed windows from this double glazed windows price list since they have better quality.

Artist Name: Cheryl Bridgart Season: Twenty One  |  Medium: Textile

Cheryl has been drawing, painting and stitching all her life, but she feels nothing compares to the tactile detail & distinctive surface of embroidery. She has developed her own unique technique of Freehand Machine Embroidery. Her hand moves unmarked fabric, washed cotton paper or canvas under the needle of a domestic sewing machine. Hundreds of hours hatching, crosshatching and scribbling to build up her stories in detailed images, creating space, depth and meaning.

Artist Name: Nicholas Broughton Season: One |  Medium: Mixed Media

Artists are often obsessive about their particular discipline and none more so than Nicholas Broughton who considers a day without painting or sculpting to be incomplete. His varied background has no doubt contributed to this fascination for the vibrancy of life that he so confidently depicts in his paintings and sculptures. Nick's shows Graeme his unique style utilising bitumen and paint on a canvas.

Artist Name: Jacki Burke Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Oils

As a Surf coast artist and educator Jacki Burke is highly regarded for her versatility as an artist by both peers and students alike.  “I’m never restricted to a particular medium; I use oil paints, acrylics and pastel with equal proficiency. The canvas, medium and subject speak to me and need to be portrayed accordingly.”


Artist Name: David Calrow Season: One | Medium: Acrylic and Watercolour

David Calrow's meticulously detailed artworks are inspired by the historic pubs and abandoned buildings he has encountered on his extensive travels through the Australian Outback. His intricate renditions bring every tiny detail to life and his understanding of light and shade invite the viewer to look into the shadows where they'll find even more elements to the "story".

Artist Name: Malcolm Carver Season: Eight  | Medium: Watercolour

Malcolm Carver, former Principal of Scott Carver Pty Ltd, is an architect and an artist. He is obsessed with watercolour painting, drawing and teaching around the world in workshops whilst travelling in search of new imagery for exhibitions and sketchbooks.

Artist Name: Alvaro Castagnet Season: Six | Medium: Watercolour

Alvaro Castagnet is one of the world’s most highly respected watercolor artists. He has been recognized with top international honors for his painting and his art graces the walls of many private and corporate collectors worldwide.

Artist Name: Katherine Castle Season: One, Two | Medium: Oil

Kath draws upon her artistic knowledge of light, color, texture, shape, and composition combined with the knowledge and love of her subjects themselves, to create her art. Light can transform even the most mundane of scenes, as well as that which is already beautiful, into something magical. Kath endeavors to capture moments like this in her artwork, in her style, and the essence of life in the wildlife she paints.

Artist Name: Ilia Chidzey Season: Two  |  Medium: Pencil

Ilia is an Artist who loves the freedom of life drawing and shape and curve. Her dynamic pastel studies of the human form reflect also her love of colour and the use of the line. To watch her work is to be mesmerized as she glides over the surface she works on.

Artist Name: Keith Chidzey Season: Seventeen  |  Medium: Sculpture

The land, its interpretation, and issues surrounding its usage and intervention have been a recurring theme throughout Keith’s work. Keith’s research centers around fire, and refinement through fire, its controllability, its significance and its aesthetic, hypnotic qualities.

Artist Name: Christine Clark Season: Nine |  Medium: Pastel and Watercolour

A natural talent as a realist artist, Christine loves to paint and draw. For over thirty years, Christine has been painting, exhibiting, and selling her work. During the last twelve years, Christine has been working almost exclusively in Pastel, enjoying their vibrant colours and immediacy.

Artist Name: Glenise Clelland Season: Six |  Medium: Oil

Glenise Clelland is a contemporary Australian artist with over 30 years of exhibiting at major art galleries and selling paintings in Australia and overseas. She is best known for landscape paintings, figurative paintings and expressive nude drawings and also paintings of the South Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Artist Name: Julie Collins Season: Five |  Medium: Photography

Julie has loved the camera since she was a child, running around with a film camera in her hand. Julie is one with her cameras. She knows how they work to get the best results. She then employs Photoshop and Lightroom to give her images that ‘wow’ factor. Rather than stand there and fiddle with her camera, Julie tends to focus on capturing things as they unfold so as not to miss special moments.

Artist Name: Helen Cooper Season: Eight  |  Medium: Oil

Helen Cooper has been an artist for twenty-five years. Favoring the oil medium for the fluidity, Helen likes to paint all genres, portraits, still life, landscapes, figurative, floral and nudes. When asked about her art, Helen comments that she considers herself a ‘Tonal Impressionist’.

Artist Name: Louise Corke Season: Four |  Medium: Pastel

Louise Corke is a Master Pastelist and one of the disciplines greatest teachers in Australia. She has won numerous awards over the years and her work is collected on a world wide basis. Louise considers painting a dance that is pure gestural expression, and while she dances alone, she also dances so that others can enjoy the emotions of the visual music.

Artist Name: Tracey Creighton Season: One |  Medium: Mixed Media

Tracey Creighton is an Australian born artist who knew from a young age that all she wanted was to paint. At the age of sixteen Tracey enrolled in and completed a three-year course at the Queensland College of Art. Tracey continues to develop her style and technique, exploring the unlimited capabilities of oil, acrylic, watercolour and mixed medium, with each painting reflecting a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour.

Artist Name: John Crump Season: Seven |  Medium: Oil

During the early years, John worked in the studio from sketches. However, he realised that his choice of subjects, colours, and designs were becoming repetitive and so, with encouragement from other painters, he began working ‘plein air' to catch the subtleties of colours and tones, the mood of the moment, and the variations of design ideas that are best seen on the spot.

Artist Name: Anna Curtis Season: Four |  Medium: Lino Print

In 1983 Anna travelled north to Mackay where she established herself as an artist and teacher. Her love of printmaking grew as she developed her own unique technique and style in reduction linoprinting. Since then, Anna has travelled extensively throughout Australia and overseas. Inspired by her immediate environment and love of nature, Anna's linoprints celebrate the essence of tropical and inland Australia.

Artist Name: Gina Davey Season: Two |  Medium: Oil

Gina Davey is an Artist who has a wonderful understanding of the natural world. Her attention to light and form is amazing and her dedication to presenting the creatures of the world in their natural habitats is inspiring.

Artist Name: Brigitte Dawson Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Mixed Media

Mixed media artist Brigitte Dawson lives a unique life focused on creation and creative collaboration.  All of her years of varied artistic training have helped Brigitte Dawson develop a unique style, which Brigitte describes as “a mix of realism and loose expression.”

Artist Name: Caroline Deeble Season: Seventeen |  Medium: Watercolour

An expressive Australian artist painting ‘contemporary nature’. Caroline Deeble’s unique style explores a variety of ways to share her love of the natural world. Often called ‘the rock artist’, her artwork has included paintings from natural water courses to ocean reefs & Australian bush scenes.

Artist Name: Sue Dent Season: Ten |  Medium: Acrylic | Watercolour

Sue Dent has painted professionally for the past 14 years exhibiting widely in various joint and solo exhibition. A recent addition to her rural home out of Tauranga has provided Sue with a large studio and gallery in which to showcase her works. She also tutors and holds classes and workshops on a regular basis which are proving to be very popular.

Artist Name: Lyn Diefenbach Season: Nine |  Medium: Pastel and Oil

The pursuit of masterly quality and technique is a high priority for Lyn Diefenbach, whose work is imbued with a celebration of her faith and of life. Her paintings cover a myriad of subject matter, with her bold florals consistently receiving accolades nationally and internationally.

Artist Name: Ernie Dingo Season: Nine |  Medium: Acrylic | Watercolour

Ernie’s other passions lie in art, being able to express himself and his journeys in life through creative means. Through painting, Ernie expresses his love for his Aboriginal culture, the memories of his people and country.

Artist Name: Chan Dissanayake Season: Seventeen |  Medium: Watercolour

Chan Dissanayake is a multi-award winning watercolour artist living in Canberra, Australia. He is a highly regarded tutor and a well-respected judge of local and regional art awards. Over the last 15 years his passion has turned to watercolour. A medium that thrives in spontaneous response and free expression.

Artist Name: Sylvia Ditchburn Season: Six |  Medium: Acrylic

Essentially a plein air painter, Sylvia is widely travelled, crisscrossing Australia in search of subjects. She is well known for vibrant interpretations of north Queensland rainforests and desert landscapes in gouache and acrylic.

Artist Name: Ken Done Season: Four |  Medium: Acrylic | Oil

Working predominantly in oils and acrylic, Ken takes inspirations from diverse sources - the ebullience of the sea and sky, the transcendent emotions of a quiet garden, aboriginal art, japanese poetry, the urban shout of Sydney, where he makes his home - but the sensibility that underlies his work is uniquely his own.

Artist Name: Brian Doyle Season: One |  Medium: Cartoonist

Brian Doyle is a very skilled and entertaining cartoonist who has been teaching children to draw cartoons for over 10 years. Brian progressed from drawing down the back of the classroom as a child to the East Sydney College of Art, which used to be the old Darlinghurst Gaol. He found this most ironic, studying the freedom of art in an underground dungeon. Maybe that's when he started to think like a cartoonist!

Artist Name: William Dunn Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Watercolour

William Dunn trained at San Jose State University and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, now in Pasadena. He has painted throughout his career and has taught watercolor and graphic design extensively at De Anza and Foothill Colleges in Cupertino and Los Altos Hills, California, and the Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View, CA.

Artist Name: Yelena Dyumin Season: Four |  Medium: Acrylic

Yelena Dyumin is a professional artist and art educator who has spent decades perfecting her craft and unique style with its whimsical humour, textural sensitivity and vibrant sense of colour. At the heart of Yelena’s art, and a constant source of inspiration, is her rich heritage.

Artist Name: Natalie Ellis Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Resin

Natalie is a UK born artist currently living in Melbourne. In 2016 Natalie Ellis watched Judy Waters work with Resin on Colour In Your Life and was inspired to start using resin! It was exactly what she was looking for to get the effects she wanted. Natalie immediately started creating and selling resin artwork as her medium of choice around the world.

Artist Name: Nick Eggleston Season: Ten |  Medium: Acrylic | Watercolour

Originally from Yorkshire, England, Nick is currently based in Tauranga after relocating to New Zealand in 2006. He graduated from Chesterfield College of Art and Design in 1981 with a distinction in Ceramics and membership to The Society of Designer Craftsmen. Awarded “Best Watercolour” in the 2008 Tauranga National Art Awards. He has also been an art tutor for 25 years in adult and youth education.

Artist Name: Madeleine Ekeblad Season: Three |  Medium: Mixed Media

Madeleine lives on Macleay Island in Moreton Bay Qld. She is an active member on the Management Committee of the Brisbane Institute of Art. Madeleine opened OMSA, the Onward Motivational School for Artists October 2004 in Brisbane and is currently motivating and promoting up to 39 artists at a time.

Artist Name: Madeleine Elkin Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Mixed Media

South Australia’s clear, bright skies bring out the best of nature’s colours, and it is this beauty of colour Madeleine likes to enhance and play with in her pieces in an impressionistic style working in both acrylics and oils through many genres, be it still life, landscapes or abstracts.

Artist Name: Kylie Farrelly Season: Two |  Medium: Acrylic

Kylie works mainly in acrylic, with which she incorporates a variety of media to enhance the textural outcome of her work. Her paintings invite you to feel the energy of each piece. She uses a bold colorful palette to capture the energy she draws from this vibrant young city. Her use of tone in her compositions creates a sense of depth and perspective within her work.

Artist Name: Cheryl Findlay Season: Six |  Medium: Acrylic

Cheryl has been interested in craft from a young age. She finds inspiration in her students and nature. Working mainly with acrylics, oil, watercolour, inks and scratchboard, Cheryl is able to paint on wood, concrete, metal, fabric, canvas, paper, glass, terracotta and ceramics.

Artist Name: Carole Foster Season: Six | Medium: Acrylic

From an early age Carole showed a flair for drawing and painting and now has 30 years experience as an artist and travelled extensively, living in New Zealand, Norfolk Island, England, Finland, Holland and Germany using these and other countries as a base to travel and to collect information for paintings.

Artist Name: Jo Frederiks Season: Five |  Medium: Oil | Pencil/Graphite

Jo Frederiks is a passionate animal rights advocate, speaking through her art to create awareness of animal cruelty. Working in varying mediums, Jo favours graphite and oil paint. Her drawings are sensitive, exquisite and beautifully detailed, showing a rare glimpse of the depth and character to each individual animal.

Artist Name: Miranda Free Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Oil

As a child Miranda Free was constantly drawing and painting. Her fascination with art continued throughout my school years and it was her intention to attend an art school – that is until her final year of high school when she became hijacked by an interest in Biology. At university she studied Molecular Biology, Education and Communication and spent many years working in those fields with a focus on graphic design and desktop publishing.

Artist Name: De Gillett Season: Five |  Medium: Acrylic | Ink | Mixed Media

De's recklessly sumptuous practice is a kaleidoscope of colour, energy and motion with works running the gamut from a heightened photorealism to a joyously wild and expressionistic interpretation of Australia's tropics.

Artist Name: Julie Goldspink Season: Nine |  Medium: Watercolours

Julie works in the area of traditional media but does a lot of experimenting in the area of Mixed Media, while she is probably best known for watercolours. She likes to describe herself best as a realist impressionist and doesn't like to be governed by one style, medium or subject.

Artist Name: Anne Marie Graham Season: Ten |  Medium: Oil

Anne Marie has enjoyed art since childhood, becoming the youngest ever student enrolled into the RMIT Art School at the early age of fourteen. Anne Marie has had over 70 solo exhibitions in her 82 year long art career.

Artist Name: Steve Griggs Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Watercolour

It wasn’t until 2005 that Steve began to paint professionally, showing his paintings in galleries and juried art exhibitions. He currently has signature membership with Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society and Colorado Watercolor Society.

Artist Name: Gillian Grove Season: Six |  Medium: Pencil | Acrylic

Artable founder and teacher Gillian Grove teaches adult's drawing and children's classes. Whilst drawing is one of Gillian's passions, she is proficient in working with oils, acrylics and pastel and holds a passion for working 'plein air' (from life outdors).

Artist Name: Margaret Gurney Season: Nine |  Medium: Mixed Media | Oils | Watercolours

A love of drawing and painting has been a natural part of Margaret’s life from her earliest days. Her contemporary style continues to develop, emphasizing strong shapes, form and glowing, intuitive color. She is versatile, working in watercolors, oils, mixed media and drawing.

Artist Name: Sandra Guy Season: Seventeen |  Medium: Oils

Sandra Guy’s arts practice has, for many years, focused on examining the notion of the ‘sublime’ as it relates to her experiences of the landscapes of Regional NSW. Sandra has lived and worked in the Blue Mountains, the Snowy Mountains, the Mid-North Coast and the Northern Rivers of NSW, where she currently reside.  Sandra has also found inspiration in the vast desert landscapes of Broken Hill.

Artist Name: Alison Hale Season: Seven |  Medium: Oil

Alison's strong, vibrant style reflects the richness and diversity of the coast. The subjects capture the often subtle relationships between people and place: the courage and strength of the pioneer women, horses, cattle and the men that worked them, and more recently, native fish and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit.

Artist Name: Bjorn Hansen Season: Seven Medium: Photography

The concept of ‘fusion photography’ takes two previously unrelated entities and melds them together into the one synthesized photographic image. The first image represents a living entity, while the second image represents the essence or character of the first.

Artist Name: Mike Harold Season: Eight |  Medium: Oils

Mike Harold is a painter from Dannevirke in the Tararua district of New Zealand. He is best known for his quirky, narrative work. In recent years Mike has exhibited three major series in this genre: ‘Kilmore and Beyond’, ‘Last Foxtrot in Mangakino’ and most recently ‘Peas and Onions for Tea’.

Artist Name: Susan Harrison-Tustain Season: Ten |  Medium: Watercolour

Internationally acclaimed New Zealand watercolor and oil artist Susan Harrison-Tustain’s highly sought after work will take you on an artistic journey. Her passion for painting and for natural beauty and light allows the viewers of her work to feel part of the world she has captured. A world so life-like you can ‘smell’ the perfume of the roses, see the light as it glistens through a dew-drop or feel the nostalgic atmosphere she has created in her still life's studies of much loved, time-worn object d’art.

Artist Name: Ashley Hay Season: Twenty Two |  Medium: Mixed Media

Working in a contemporary, expressionist style Ashley has experimented with a diverse range of mixed media throughout her artistic career, developing an extensive visual language of alternative art surfaces and rich textures that she utilises in her studio work.

Artist Name: Jo Headon Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Oil

Jo’s visual merchandising and styling career has spanned 40 years, during which she received many awards for her displays, and most recently awarded Merchandiser of the Year for the 2nd year running.

Artist Name: Tania Heben Season: Four |  Medium: Oil

Tania's works contrast vivid local scenes of people still influenced by the colonial settlement period of the 1800's with the lush tropical vegetation of the Australian Rainforest and Jungle. Tania's paintings have been described as "Gauuinesque" with the strong influence of both Matisse and Gauguin in her work.

Artist Name: Carolyn Henry Season: Five |  Medium: Scratchboard

Carolyn began studying art in 2007 and discovered that she has a talent for portrait painting. Carolyn works in scratchboard, a seldom used and incredible medium.

Artist Name: Robyn Hicks Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Watercolour

In early childhood Robin’s parents were very supportive and nurtured the creativity in her. They were both classical musicians, her Grandfather was a brilliant watchmaker and artist, and her Aunt was a wonderful violinist, so Robin grew up with creative and expressive people all around her.

Artist Name: Johanna Hildebrandt Season: Nine |  Medium: Acrylic

Johanna began displaying her paintings in Sydney in the early 80’s, during the weekly Sunday Art Market in Macquarie St, outside the Botanical Gardens. Though she took part in group shows in Sydney, Johanna had her first solo exhibition in 1984 in Melbourne. Johanna draws her inspiration from nature, memories, surroundings, bushwalking and snorkeling.

Artist Name: Steve Hillier Season: Three |  Medium: Acrylic | Oil

Steve Hillier is an Artist dedicated to the process of producing stunning eye catching scenes of women and animals in realist and surrealist images. His commitment to details is extraordinary and his ability to portray a story through his work leads the viewer on a journey of imagination.

Artist Name: Sharon Hindle Season: One |  Medium: Pen and Ink

Working out of her home studio, Sharon creates her chic images using fine liner, faber castel ink pens. She likes to portray personality, fashion and glamorous life styles. Being a massive fan of portraiture, Sharon has developed a love of the beauty and intrigue in faces which she likes to put to paper.

Artist Name: Maryanne Holmes Season: Six |  Medium: Watercolour

Maryanne Holmes resides on the Gold Coast and has been painting watercolours since 1995. She attended classes at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, and continued tuition with local artists. Maryanne has also attended workshops at Bathurst and Toowoomba Universities with acclaimed Australian water-colourists, and now teaches watercolour classes locally.

Artist Name: Cliff Hosking Season: Seven |  Medium: Watercolour

Cliff is inspired by nature, loving water in many of its manifestations, whether it be liquid, snow, ice and steam. In the last five years Cliff has become very interested in portraiture and life drawing.

Artist Name: John Hulsey Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Watercolour

John Hulsey is an accomplished artist, author and teacher who has been working professionally for over 35 years. He is the recipient of numerous awards and his paintings are included in many corporate and private collections.

Artist Name: Janette Humble Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Mixed Media

Janette was a classical musician in her previous life and her work is infused with colour and movement. She aims to capture snippets and impressions of the world as life flashes by and she exaggerates colour and perspective to portray the emotion, humour or drama felt in that moment.

Artist Name: Amanda Hyatt Season: Nine, Ten | Medium: Watercolours

Amanda Hyatt is an alla prima watercolour artist who has been a professional for 30 years. Amanda paints spontaneously with immediate reaction to a subject both in the studio and en plein air. She paints quickly and intuitively, involving thinking and sensitivity.

Artist Name: Terry Jackson Season: Three |  Medium: Pencil | Graphite

Terry Jackson is an artist that began her career later in life. Terry is a naturally brilliant graphite and pencil Artist. Her love of nature and all things whimsical with wildlife is a magical journey of emotion and joy. Her work is a wonder to behold, and the skill with which she brings her images to life will inspire.

Artist Name: Rachel Jemmett Season: Seven |  Medium: Acrylic

Rachel Jemmett has been painting now for 18 years. Within this time her work has evolved into exciting contemporary artworks of buildings and landscapes. Rachel loves using high viscosity acrylic paints, enabling her to mix the colours on canvas, offering her a range of colours in her work.

Artist Name: Kate Jenvey-Ferguson Season: Six |  Medium: Pencil

Kate Ferguson's life time of travelling and studying animals has given her the opportunity to observe and study many of the worlds great creatures. Her ability to capture the majesty and wonder of these animals is portrayed in the amazing work she has produced. She is a woman with enormous empathy towards her subjects.

Artist Name: Rosie Jones Season: Three |  Medium: Oil

Rosie is a master pastel artist. Her greatest pleasure is to create beautiful works of art in her home studio, or in the back garden of her house in Brunswick Heads, Australia.

Artist Name: John Kennedy Season: Four | Medium: Pencil

At 19 John was put under the wing of one of the great Australian Abstract Expressionist painters, Ron Lambert (1923-1995), who had studied under Oskar Kokoscka in Austria. It was then that he began to experiment with painting more intensely; producing one of his most important works, The Lady of Shallot (Alfred Lord Tennyson), a painting that only took the length of time that the poem was recited.

Artist Name: Russell Kereama Season: Eight |  Medium: Acrylic

Russell grew up in Hastings but is currently residing in Australia. A self-taught artist, he worked for ten years as an art agent and was surprised when people in his artistic circles found his working exciting. Russell’s contemporary artwork embraces a rhythmic flow of vibrant colours and abstract style, which aims to reflect three main elements – earth, sky and water.

Artist Name: Janet Knight Season: Five, Ten |  Medium: Oil

Janet has received many awards and accolades and has her work hanging in local government chambers and private collections around the country. The true joy in art for Janet is sharing the passion and teaching others. For many years she has helped the elderly with Art Therapy classes, which have been extremely rewarding. At her home studio gallery she teaches art to the general public in all mediums.

Artist Name: Jenny Laidlaw Season: Eight |  Medium: Ink | Pen | Watercolour

Jenny is a full time artist, mother and wife, though not always in that order. Her love and passion for the ocean and mountains have been the inspiration for many of Jenny’s works. In her finely detailed pen and ink drawings with collage material, the viewer can put together all the elements like a jigsaw puzzle to learn the story behind each picture.

Artist Name: Sally Lancaster Season: Seventeen |  Oils

Sally Lancaster is a Devon-based artist who, like many of the best painters today, is entirely self-taught.  Sally Lancaster has won numerous awards for her fine, highly detailed oil paintings and she regularly exhibits in London as well as various galleries around the UK. In 2012 Sally was commissioned to produce a painting for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. Sally is an Associate Member of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts and a member of the International Guild of Realism.

Artist Name: Sue Lederhose Season: Seven | Medium: Watercolour

Sue's inspiration is anything in God's creation. She loves to paint landscapes, flowers and portraitures, both animal and people. Pastels and various mixed media have been explored. Nothing is out of bounds or off limits! Some of the mediums she uses with watercolour include gouache, acrylic, charcoal, ink, pencils, oil and chalk pastels as well as acrylic textural mediums.

Artist Name: Judith Leman Season: Eight |  Medium: Oil and Watercolour

Judith Leman centers her work on the art that encompasses the traditional ‘sports’ of horses. Her use of various mediums, including sketch, watercolour and oils, is a means of exploring ideas and responses to her subjects. Her talent in painting Foxhounds and Sporting Dogs has contributed to her being recognized as one of the premier portrait artists in Canine Art.

Artist Name: Garth Lena Season: Three |  Medium: Sculpture

Garth Lena is an indigenous artist that prefers to use more natural elements in his work. This episode shows how he creates an Echidna sculpture from raw tree materials and clay, the finished product being an entirely unique piece of artwork.

Artist Name: David Lovegrove Season: Ten |  Medium: Acrylic | Ink

David Lovegrove is an artist, writer, designer and speaker based in the picturesque town of Murwillumbah in Northern NSW. Graduating from the Julian Ashton Art School, and with a Master of Arts from Queensland College of Art, David continues to practice as a fine artist, primarily in drawing and painting while working freelance for coprorate clients.

Artist Name: Linda MacAulay Season: Eight |  Medium: Acrylic

Painting in watercolour and acrylic, Linda's work reflects her humour and sense of connection to the landscape. Her paintings capture the essence of the Australian landscape and way of life. Linda’s early study was with photography, drawing and painting. Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the Australian landscape she decided to become a landscape artist and developed a distinctive style, which uses vivid colour and detail.

Artist Name: Wendy Manzo Season: Four | Medium: Acrylic

Wendy Manzo is an expressionist worship artist. She "speed-paints" live in places of worship all around the world and home-base is DaySpring, Sydney. Wendy facilitates the Prophetic Art Australia group, leads teams of prophetic artists and runs workshops to release people into their own creative expression.

Artist Name: Justine Martin Season: Eighteen | Medium: Acrylic

It all began for Justine Martin when she was living in Perth and became very ill. After 6 months of tests she was diagnosed with Remitting Relapsing MS in March 2011 and unfortunately had to stop work because of her disabilities. Justine had always wanted to learn to paint but never found the time with raising a family and a career. Now all she had was time.

Artist Name: Barry Mason Season: One | Medium: Pastel

Retiring from his Graphics business in Sydney, Barry moved to Lennox Head in 2000 and has now applied his background in Graphic Design and digital graphics to further his interest in the arts through painting. An early interest in photography took Barry to many areas throughout the rural and coastal areas of Australia, in a quest for subject matter. This long association with the Australian bushland and waterways remained with him and now reflect through his paintings.

Artist Name: Theresa May Season: Seven |  Medium: Acrylic

Theresa is predominantly a two dimensional artist. She works with a variety of mediums, from acrylic, charcoal, pastel oil and mixed media, depending on the required qualities of the subject. Canvas is her preferred choice of support, as it lends itself well to washes and treatments she likes to apply to her work.

Artist Name: Barry McCann Season: Four, Seven, Twenty Two|  Medium: Acrylic

Barry and his wife Lucy run McCann Fine Art, producing, selling and teaching art. Barry’s love of art has taken him to some of the best museums and art galleries in the world where he draws constant inspiration. His subject matter usually involves an animated object with a dramatic light effect and enjoys the constant challenge of trying to portray the illusion of both movement and form with a narrative theme.

Artist Name: Lucy McCann Season: Four, Seven |  Medium: Watercolour

Lucy McCann is an incredibly talented watercolour artist who, along with her husband Barry, teaches art classes in beautiful Armidale. Lucy studied fashion and dress design at The National Art School which gave her the grounding in draftsmanship and design. She has been a teacher of art for 12 years, here in Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

Artist Name: Kelli McGregor Season: Two |  Medium: Acrylic

Kelli McGregor is an emerging artist who began her artistic career later in life than most. Her experience in architectural design heightened her awareness of space and negative shapes and of the compositional dynamic they create. Kelli combines training in design with an unerring sense of the aesthetic to produce her striking figurative paintings. Typically, her work is exuberant, vibrant, confident and eye-catching.

Artist Name: Amanda McLean Season: Seventeen |  Medium: Pastel

Amanda McLean is a nationally renowned Pastel Artist who has been painting with the medium for over 30 years & teaching for over 20. She has a passion for the Australian landscape and coastline in its varying forms and is recognised for her sensitive interpretations, especially her rendering of clouds, skies, and water. Her paintings are often hailed for their sensitivity and ‘sense of place’.

Artist Name: Innes McLeod Season: Five |  Medium: Acrylic

Innes is the eldest son of well-known Australian painter Christopher McLeod. He was exposed from an early age to the painting styles of many of Australia’s most talented painters, including Jon Molvig and Jon Rigby. Watching these incredible people, Innes found it was also the “artist lifestyle” that appealed to him just as much as the paint. Innes is currently the director for The Coolangatta School of Art.

Artist Name: Marnie McKnight Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Acrylic

Marnie McKnight is a Sydney based artist creating works of true elegance. Marnie’s abstract art is reminiscent of cloud formations and the often dramatic collision between sky, sea and land. Simple palettes juxtapositioned with dynamic flashes of colour aim to capture emotions rather than images.

Artist Name: Frank Miles Season: One |  Medium: Sculpture

A lifelong intimacy with nature is captured in all his wildlife sculptures and it is that which gives them such a presence in private, public and corporate collections worldwide. Frank made a wide study of various methods of bronze casting and finally formulated the unique process which, combined with his inspired talent, distinguishes his work.

Artist Name: Deena Millecam Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Watercolour

Showing in several galleries, Deena Millecam has painted with many national and local artists.  Her love of watercolor in many different settings shows her enthusiasm for the media. Oil painting is now another learning experience as she takes classes. She would like to further her work in portraiture and figurative subjects.

Artist Name: Celia Moriarty Season: Twenty Two |  Medium: Acrylic

From showing the beauty of Australian flora to entice people to use more Australian natives in their garden, to portrait projects acknowledging excellence and highlighting the need for action and change, painting is the medium Celia uses to engage what matters to her. Celia Moriarty wants to create art to inspire others to see beauty and to want more of it in the world.

Artist Name: Peter Mortimore Season: One | Medium: Mixed Media

Peter is a well renown equine artists, working with water colours, oils and acrylics, and the patron of the Mortimore Art Prize. The episode features Peter Mortimore sketching with a red pen, and touching up other pieces with oil paints.

Artist Name: Scott Naismith Season: Seventeen | Medium: Oils

Scott Naismith uses vivid colours in a vigorous application to represent the fast changing light conditions of the West coast of Scotland. Colour use often becomes an entirely emotional response to the subject while values can remain representational. The love he has for his native Scottish countryside is portayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the colour with palette knife and brush.

Artist Name: Roslyn Oakes Season: Seventeen | Medium: Oils

Roslyn Oakes interest in art started at a very young age, drawing and creating things from bits and pieces as soon as she was able to hold a pencil or use a pair of scissors. From the age of five or six she wanted to be an artist, by six or seven she became interested in paper dolls, making her own and designing their clothes, this developed into an interest in dress designing. Roslyn often designed and made her own clothes.

Artist Name: Leisa O'Brien Season: One |  Medium: Acrylic

Leisa O’Brien is a passionate, self-taught artist. Her passion is to be able to capture a moment in life, whether it be a person, a clear wave on a sunny day, or a combination of colours in a second’s glance. Using mainly acrylic paints, with the occasional oils, Leisa likes to get her vision onto canvas as soon as possible, with the first few layers being a fervent frenzy, followed by several layers of refined, loving detail.

Artist Name: Alex O'Hara Season: One |  Medium: Acrylic

Alex O'Hara lives and paints from his beautiful home studio in Burringbar. Alex has a unique and often satirical flare to his paintings, seeking to convey more than just an image but a message for the observant art lover.

Artist Name: Lyn Olsen Season: Ten |  Medium: Acrylic | Ink

In creating her brilliant, free-flowing acrylic paintings, Australian artist Lyn Olsen takes an entirely instinctive approach. Inspired by the palette of her homeland, Olsen throws color on her blank canvas and sees where it leads her. Working with acrylics, glazes, inks and charcoal, and using scrapers, spray and drip techniques, and a palette knife, she approaches her canvases from every angle, working intimately with the paint to see what emerges.

Artist Name: Maria Paterson Season: One |  Medium: Pastel

Maria has been living, creating and teaching art as a professional artist in the Northern Rivers area of NSW for the past 30 years. People, nature and landscapes have been her inspiration. Using traditional mediums such as pastels, oils on canvas and ceramic sculptures, she likes to capture moments in time in which inspiration shines through.

Artist Name: Jacky Pearson Season: Eight |  Medium: Watercolour

Multi award winning professional artist and tutor Jacky Pearson is fascinated by light and atmosphere, which is the driving force for her to paint. Whilst she specialises in watercolours, loving the sense of freedom and spontaneity that this medium does best, oils, pastels and pencil work are also a frequent part of Jacky’s work.

Artist Name: Herman Pekel Season: Six |  Medium: Watercolour

Herman is an artist of energy and enthusiasm. He is able to see a painting in almost any subject matter and is capable of producing award winning work in oil, watercolour or gouache.

Artist Name: Manuel Petavrakis Season: One  |  Medium: Mixed Media

Manny is a medical practitioner (The Melanoma Centre), hence “Dr. Manny”; an Australian of Greek descent and a father of three. With his wife Meg McGregor, they run the Art Shed Brisbane and School Art Supplies. Running the Art Shed allows Manny to learn about and experiment with a wide range of materials.

Artist Name: Shirley Peters Season: Seven |  Medium: Acrylic | Watercolour

Excelling in both fields, Peters reputation as an illustrator was cemented when she had a book shortlisted in the coveted CBC Book of the Year Awards in 1991. With an illustrators eye for composition, colour and line, Shirley is revelling in the freedom of creating her own narrative in paint and with her first solo exhibition in Sydney through Gallery V.

Artist Name: Rebecca Phillips Season: Two |  Medium: Mixed Media

Rebecca Phillips is a talented acrylics artist who finds inspiration in the natural world. Rebecca is also a talented photographer using some of her photographs as inspirations for her artwork.

Artist Name: Professor Robert Pope Season: One |  Medium:

In liaison with the Western Australian State Government Department of Aboriginal Welfare, Robert Pope established a special and successful science-art school for aboriginal Australians in 1969. In 1986 Robert Pope was awarded an Artist-in-residency at the University of Sydney to work with a cancer research team at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre.

Artist Name: Abel Pracas aka Ages Jorbel Season: Ten | Medium: Acrylic

Abel's art is a vortex of information and creativity. When he paints in his studio, he is lost in a realm of beauty through a quantum process that transcends meditation. In those moments, he feels bliss, realising that he is a hologram of the universe, where all the possibilities are open to him to express and create art.

Artist Name: Craig Primrose Season: Nine |  Medium: Oils

Craig is well know for his landscapes and has an amazing ability to capture the magnificence of the Southern Alps to the NZ coastline, influenced by the changing nature of the weather and atmospheric conditions. Craig only works with oils on teak stretched Belgium linen.

Artist Name: Christine Read Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Acrylics

Christine Read has been drawing, painting and exploring art practice since her adolescence. At high school she won prizes for her art, and screen printed and sold textiles to the other students. On leaving school, art was not considered an option for a well paid career and so after obtaining a place in Medicine at Sydney University, she became a medical practitioner, a career which she practised for 41 years.

Artist Name: Ruth Reid Season: Seven |  Medium: Oil

Ruth makes regular tramping trips (hiking, trekking) into remote areas of the bush and mountains. She feels that the natural beauty of new Zealand offers infinite inspiration, from the long miles of rocky coastline and sandy beaches, through primeval forest areas to the pristine, majestic mountains.

Artist Name: Jo Reitze Season: Nine |  Medium: Gouache | Oils

Jo’s paintings are freely executed, with lyrical mark making and vibrant colours often enhanced by strong tonal contrasts. All paintings are completed ‘en plein air’, so that her responses are much more than a photographic record, but a fusion of all senses.

Artist Name: Andy Remanis Season: One |  Medium: Pastel

Andy Remanis is a brilliant pastel artist from the Caldera Region. Andy gains inspiration from the adaptability and tenacity of the natural world. The inherent determination of all species to survive dramatic changes in their environment is remarkable indeed.

Artist Name: Tricia Reust Season: Two, Twenty One|  Medium: Mixed Media

A spectacularly vibrant Artist that uses colour without any inhibitions, letting the idea and the form take shape and then building a story as part of her approach. Tricia is a woman who loves life and also her ability to pass on the great information she has learnt herself over the years.

Artist Name: Melissa Ritchie Season: Five |  Medium: Acrylic

Melissa Ritchie is a figurative artist with a keen interest in portraiture. Her paintings are vivid, colourful and full of life. Often using a sense of irony to create comedic themes, her paintings are a quirky twist on the traditional portrait.

Artist Name: Richard Robinson Season: Eight |  Medium: Oils

Richard Robinson is a full time impressionistic artist, living and painting in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand. Having lived in Whangarei for most of his life, Richard finds himself somewhat biased when it comes to thinking of beautiful places.

Artist Name: Rock On Gallery Season: Two |  Medium: Photography | Gallery

Enjoy an exciting and colourful journey into the inner beauty of semi-precious gemstones. Wow your senses with the myriad of colours, shapes and patterns within each individual gemstone. View the actual rocks that are photographed, in Rock On's personal gemstone collection, beautiful specimesn from Australia and around the world.

Artist Name: Lorraine Rogers Season: One |  Medium: Oils and Watercolour

Lorraine Rogers was born in Melbourne in 1953. She is largely self-taught and has developed a unique and recognisable style. She had already dabbled in oils, with Sherbrooke Art Society in Victoria and studied drawing and painting under Robert Hammond who helped her to explore her creativity. John Lovett taught her to explore the potential in watercolour and mixed media with whom she spent many years developing her design, colour and compositional skills.

Artist Name: Mary Ann Runciman Season: Four |  Medium: Oil | Sketch

Figure drawing has always been an important part of Mary Ann's working practice. She has used these drawings as a departure for this series of paintings. These paintings are an exploration of painting itself. She has confined the format to the square and in many of these paintings there is no right way up, but are intended as a self contained worlds of their own.

Artist Name: Jeanette Sellwood Season: Three |  Medium: Acrylic

Jeanette enjoys combining people in a natural environment. The ocean, rainforests, sunsets and sunrises create wonderful opportunities for new creative endeavours. Jeanette is also fascinated by people and individual personalities, her portraiture work showing a unique side of each person she paints.

Artist Name: Donna Sharam Season: One |  Medium: Mixed Media

Donna spent many years working in the fashion & home wares industry creating her unique brands, ‘Bongo Bop’ and ‘Kleva Concepts’. These concept brands were sold through a variety of specialty stores in Sydney. She now lives in the beautiful rolling hills of Byron Bay in Northern NSW and is satisfying her creative juices by applying her instinctive skills to paint on canvas.

Artist Name: Clive Sinclair Season: Nine |  Medium: Watercolours

Clive Sinclair began training seriously in the arts in 1973, with John Lennox. This was followed by a further 12 month with Max Casey in tonal realism. Clive then moved on to study art in Copenhagen at the Royal Glypotek for 6 months, subsequently living in London and Scotland, studying the major galleries of Europe.

Artist Name: Solveig Season: Eight |  Medium: Acrylic

Solveig has always been an artist. From a young age she sat and watched, observing life and people and herself in the world. She was fascinated with the way one represents life to oneself in images and words. Both visual and auditory art fascinated her as a child, and she indulged in lots of games, creative play, experimentation, writing and drawing.

Artist Name: Alexandra Spyratos Season: Nine |  Medium: Mixed Media

Working with mixed medium, Alexandra paints with fluorescent colour, oil paint, acrylics, charcoal and pastels to recreate, in her unique style, the wildlife that surrounds her home in Kenya.

Artist Name: Jen Denise Stark Season: Six |  Medium: Mixed Media

Jen Stark was raised in the small town of Miles in Western Queensland, on a property of machines, not cattle or sheep. As a child, she had a lot of time to explore nature, her findings an asset she now uses today in her art. Jen is a self taught artist who has, through dedication, persistence and experimenting, pushed through bad experiences to find her calling.

Artist Name: Graeme Stevenson Season: One, Three, Five, Twenty One |  Medium : Mixed media

Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour In Your Life, was born June 29th, 1958, in New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Graeme had a tremendous fascination with the world around him, and from this he began painting and studying animals.

Artist Name: Serena Supplee Season: Eighteen|  Medium : Oil

The beauty, truth and freedom of canyons and rivers pulse through Serena Supplee. Thirty-five years of living and loving the Colorado Plateau serve as the current of inspiration for her artwork. She paints with watercolors and oils, working from her drawings rather than photos to give her imagination more reign. Serena’s new book Grand Canyon Calling features her pencil sketches adjacent to her paintings.

Artist Name: Barbara Suttie Season: One |  Medium: Oil

Barb Suttie is well known for her landscape oil paintings, landscape art prints and giclee art images of the Mount Warning Wollumbin Caldera region as well as her mountainous and valleyed landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. She successfully completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree Sub Major Art History/Graduate Diploma in Education.

Artist Name: Bryan Mark Taylor Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Oil

A painter, lecturer, inventor and world traveler Bryan Mark Taylor is a true renaissance man.  As a painter, Bryan has won numerous top awards at the nation’s most prestigious plein air invitationals and his work has been shown in museums across the country.  He has been featured in Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air, Southwest Art, American Art Collector, Imagine FX and American Artist Workshop magazines.

Artist Name: David Taylor Season: Eight |  Medium: Watercolour

David Taylor is a world-renowned watercolour artist, well known for teaching and services to the arts. Since the sixties David has been expanding his own painting career in watercolour, using all that he has learned to teach painters both in Australia and overseas.

Artist Name: Lee Teusner Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Acrylic

Lee Teusner is inspired by exploring the realm of the feminine and works to reveal the many faces of a woman, from exotic to mysterious, romantic to abundant and beautiful. Colour, texture and painting an emotional world are all a part of the process.

Artist Name : Kerry Thompson Season: Two Medium: Acrylic

Kerry Thompson an Artist who understands the meanings of Joy colour and life. Kerry was originally a vet and then went onto cartooning and illustrating books. She has a wonderful Philosophy towards life and exudes a great personal energy.

Artist Name: Brian Tisdall Season: Six |  Medium: Oil

Brian is an Artists that has a most wonderful imagination and the ability to take his ideas and turn them into fabulous Whimsical stories. His work is brilliantly colourful and full of its own narrative.

Artist Name: Darren Townsend Season: Three |  Medium: Sculpture

In this episode, Graeme visits sculptor Darren Townsend, even having his own bust created. Darren enjoys the process of turning clay into human likeness. Creating something that can stand the test of time gives him a unique satisfaction equalled only by those who enjoy his work. He also hopes that his work will inspire others to create.

Artist Name: John Turton Season: Five |  Medium: Acrylic | Oil

Although he considers himself essentially a colourist, John has always used landscape as a means of gaining inspiration, as well as as a way of conveying his love of the land. Australia's beauty and scale, its shape and spaces, its light and energy are ever-stimulating.

Artist Name: Michael Upton Season: Two |  Medium: Oil

Michael has had a number of exhibitions and picked up quite a few awards. His art has been sold all over the world and he continues to paint a variety of subjects though always specialising in wildlife of mainly Africa and India, places which he continues to visit.

Artist Name: Fiona Valentine Season: Nine |  Medium: Oils

Fiona is a Melbourne artist who paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour in a realist style with a particular love of landscapes featuring water and reflections. Her detailed and expressive paintings feature a wide variety of subjects.

Artist Name: Barbara Van Der Linden Season: Seventeen |  Medium: Mixed Media

Barbara van der Linden was born in Holland, her family migrated to Mentone a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.  When they moved to Canberra Barbara studied fine art at the Canberra School of Art. With the help of a Commonwealth Scholarshipshe went on to study Graphic Design at the National School of Art at East Sydney Technical College.

Artist Name: Adriaan Vanderlugt Season: Six |  Medium: Sculpture

Adriaan Vanderlugt was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Canada. Upon graduating from High School in 1962, his art career began in a Graphic Design Studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Adriaan has been carving bone, stone, wood, marble and metal for over four decades and his sculptures of animals, birds and fish are held in collections around the world.

Artist Name: Jana Vodesil Baruffi Season: Ten |  Medium: Oils | Watercolours

In 1981 Jana emigrated to Australia, where she immediately immersed herself in art, and focussed on gaining skills in copper enamelling, china painting, watercolours, and fabric printing receiving tuition in the private studios of various artists and at technical college.

Artist Name: Mark Waller Season: Five |  Medium: Acrylic

Artist Mark Waller has been delighting art lovers with his gorgeous paintings for decades. Imbued with wonderful light and depth, Mark transports us to places we can all relate to, bringing into his artwork the childlike wonder that inspires him every day in his work and his life.

Artist Name: Judy Waters Season: Ten |  Medium: Mixed Media | Resin

Judy's Paintings are inspired by her love of the ocean. Growing up on the cliffs of Mount Martha in Victoria, Judy was always fascinated and exhilarated by the rugged coastline. Judy also runs workshops with Blanc Canvas from time to time.

Artist Name: Lorraine Watry Season: Eighteen |  Medium: Watercollour

Lorraine Watry has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Colorado in Boulder with an emphasis in drawing. After college, she designed clip art at a graphics company for several years. Lorraine began working with watercolor 25 years ago.

Artist Name: David Wells Season: Ten |  Medium: Pastel | Oil

David Wells was born 1977 into an artistic family. He is an eclectic artist having worked professionally as an actor, graphic artist, dancer, web designer, circus and street performer, musician, children's entertainer and visual artist.

Artist Name: Delene White Season: Seventeen |  Medium: Sculpture

It is obvious to see Delene’s love of colour and form—whether it be in her large sculptures, small silver pieces, graphic design work, photography, paintings or digital art. Eclectic by nature, her diversity comes from a desire to visually communicate her inspirations and learnings. She believes it important to use the medium that best fit the story.

Artist Name: Tony White Season: Twenty One |  Medium: Watercolour

Tony White is a watercolour artist from Newcastle, Australia, however, is now residing in Hobart. He has established a great following with collectors and students alike. His work has been sold as far afield as Germany and the U.K. His social media following is gaining momentum and with over 10,000 Facebook followers, he is hitting his stride around the world.

Artist Name: Paula Wiegmink Season: Ten |  Medium: Acrylic

Paula, based in Dunsborough, South West Australia, was born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Having spent her early childhood on farms, she soon developed a love for the African bush and wildlife. Her interest in drawing and painting emerged at a very early age. Encouraged by her mother, she started sketching the animals on the farm and doing portraits of anyone willing to sit still long enough!

Artist Name: Adrienne Williams Season: Seven |  Medium: Mixed Media

Adrienne Williams is a landscape painter represented by Red Hill Gallery. At the heart of her work is her passion for wild places and the natural beauty of the bush. Her practice involves totally immersing herself in the landscape, in its cycles of changing light, weather and mood, making extended sketching trips into the bush.

Artist Name: Nigel Wilson Season: Seven |  Medium: Oil

Nigel has a Fine Arts Degree from Ilam, University of Canterbury, completed in 1982, where he was tutored under Don Peebles. Since then he has exhibited regularly, winning a number of painting awards. Nigel is well represented in public and private collections throughout New Zealand, with twenty-seven solo exhibitions to his name.

Artist Name: Patrick Owen Wilson Season: Four | Medium: Sculpture

Patrick became interested in art from a very early age, finding great enjoyment in his ability to draw. He then found the simple objectivity of African Art, and the rhythm in Celtic Art. From the work of sculptors like Michelangelo and his insight into the human psyche, Rodin for his emotion, Henry Moore for the way he captures a simplicity of form and Jean Arp for his use of organic shapes.

Artist Name: Meredith Woolnough Season: Four |  Medium: Textile

Meredith Woolnough is a visual artist whose practice engages with the natural environment utilizing the skeletal frameworks of flora and fauna as the basis of her own embroidered specimens. Threads are densely stitched into freeform sculptures that are carefully pinned to paper or set in resin preserving them as delicate handmade artifacts.

Artist Name: Rae Woolnough Season: Four |  Medium: Textiles

Rae Woolnough is an artist with a passion for textiles. Merino wool fibre and silk are the main content of her artwork, and she is constantly searching for new and interesting fibres and yarns to embellish her works. Rae will often include alpaca, mohair, hemp, camel, silk, and other fibres into her work to create texture and dimension. The earth is a constant reminder to her of the mysteries of existence.

Artist Name: Joseph Zbukvic Season: Two |  Medium: Watercolour

Joseph Zbukvic is a leading master of the watercolour medium of his time. His impressive achievements and enormous success is due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering an infinite variety of subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all around the world.


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