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OMG! More CIYL Shows can go to the MOON!

NEWS UPDATE!Graeme Stevenson has been negotiating with Samuel Peralta to secure some further spots for our Colour in Your Life artists to go to the Moon in the Lunar Codex. We thought it was too late. We thought they had “closed the doors”. Sealed the ship. Glued the Moon Box lid. However, we managed to…

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As the border restrictions ease and we begin to travel again easily, our first stop is New Zealand! As you may know, New Zealand is rich with artists and beautiful panoramas to paint. We love to show it off. We are also aired on several TV stations in New Zealand and so have a large…

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Great News for Florida Artists!

Colour in Your Life host Alan James will be relocating to Florida in February 2022. This means filming you for our show will be much easier. Artists approach us to be filmed for the Colour in Your Life TV show for many reasons. They want a video for promotional use- to drive people to their…

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Am I ready to filmed by Colour in Your Life?

Am I ready to be filmed by Colour in Your life?

This is a great question.  There are several things to consider when making a decision to have a 24 minute story-based art documentary made about you and your art and distributed to millions on TV stations around the world and online. 1.What is your purpose? What is the goal of investing in your art business?…

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VISUAL ARTIST CALL OUT: Sydney and Regional NSW artists take the next step in your art career! It is time to make your art video.

Are you committed to your art practice but marketing your art just seems like HARD work? Do you feel unseen? Unrecognised? Colour in Your Life Film Production Company  (CIYL) has been filming artists for over ten years and is an expert in art marketing. With around 80 years of combined experience in the art marketing…

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