Portrait workshop with RICHARD STERGULZ


June 5 & 6  2019

Kirra Hill,  Gold Coast, Australia


Richard will talk about and cover the importance of getting a very solid structure of your sitter.

Fundamentals are always important but this workshop will also cover how to capture the essence of your subject not just the likeness.

Talk with, get to know your sitter, enjoy a lunch with them if time permits. Share some old war stories. The whole point is to watch them, study them, see what stands out to you. All of the fundamentals will fall into place when you paint.

Colour choices, the right lighting, the right backgrounds and so on. We will also be covering all of the features and how they are connected to each other on the face to make what's called "good bones".

Richard will show you how to have an "in the zone" frustration FREE painting experience with your next portrait commission! Lots of demos and instruction!

Early bird price until May 1  AUD $325

Regular price AUD $375

 See Richard's Colour in Your Life show here. 


  • How to capture the essence of the person along with the likeness.
  • How to see value transitions from the light to the shadow that makes the planes have a 3D look.
  • Warm and Cool local colour.
  • Edges, very important.
  • Last but not least, lighting and flesh tones.


  • PAINTS: The line up you use in your studio. Just as long as there are the primaries and secondaries.
  • Such as RED, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, VIOLET.Also black and white
  • BRUSHES: Filberts, 2, 4, 6. Can be either bristle or synthetic
  • PALETTE: Whichever medium you use, have around a 12x16 size
  • PAPER TOWELS: One roll should be good
  • PALETTE KNIFE: Small and Large for mixing
  • DESKTOP EASEL: You can get one of those that are inexpensive and are easy to carry. Or if you have a French folding easel box
  • Odourless TURPENTINE: For the oil painters---PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS ODOURLESS!
  • WATER DISH: For the water media painters
  • CANVAS 2--16x20 Canvas boards.


Richard was an illustrator in Chicago for 30 years. Working for top advertising agencies as a freelancer. Jobs include magazine illustrations, TV storyboards for commercials, audio tape covers, book covers and much more. He now lives in Southern California and co-founded an art school and artist retreat called The Green Art House, where he teaches six classes a week. He paints for a couple of galleries and takes on portrait commissions. When he is not painting he likes to take long walks on a golf course and chase a little white ball around.

Plein Air Fundamentals with Jessica Henry and Daniel Hill Riedel


November 19 & 20 2019

Kirra Hill, Gold Coast, Australia

Plein Air painting is a lifelong challenge that one in possession of the adventurous spirit would never grow weary.

It’s with enthusiasm and respect that I approach the subject of landscape painting, whether the painting is worked on later in the studio or completely “alla prima” in the great outdoors, the process of celebrating nature is healing, restorative, and wholly good for the soul.

It’s not entirely the act of putting the paint on the canvas that has redemptive qualities- but more importantly, just being OUTSIDE! Listening to the birds, hearing the cicadas whine as the summer sun warms the earth, the dust of a country road, the frogs and crickets in the nearby pond performing their evening duets…as the sun is setting, the stars slowly emerge as you’re painting a full moon nocturn, the gentle ocean waves taking all your cares back out to sea, where they belong…that is the alluring romance of Plein Air painting, and it is as addictive as it is seductive- drawing you back for more.  At the end of the day, you feel like a better person for having done something for yourself as meditative as submitting to the education that only nature can teach you. Take it all in as part of the story.

Early bird price ( until August 1)  AUD $325

Regular price AUD $375

Includes workbook and workshop and video.

If students want to join the two-day workshop or the 14-day adventure or the other, they will still be able to get the fullness of both courses.  Dan and Jessica will be printing out workbooks that contain all four different sessions for all participating students will have.

 See Jessica and Daniel's  Colour in Your Life show here.


  • Understanding the principles of landscape painting:
    • Understanding your materials
    • Colour mixing, photo distortions
    • the ins and outs of plein air
    • students complete a landscape painting from a photo

    A practical approach to the process of plein air painting: (Demo and student project)

    • Efficiency
    • Scene selection
    • Composition
    • The thumbnail sketch
    • The value lay-in
    • Painting from the back to the front
    • Capturing the light
    • Atmosphere and colour
    • Knowing when you’re done.


    Students will gain a solid foundation of understanding and applying the knowledge of 1 and 2 point perspective into their plein air paintings.

    Finding your own voice:

    Identifying what makes you unique and embracing your own voice is surprisingly one of the biggest challenges to the artist. It boils down to knowing what you respond to.

    Students will gain the confidence to listen to their inner responses to what truly moves them and act upon those impressions.

    There is no one on earth quite like you and the joy of being an artist is to share your special outlook.


  • Gamblin Paints:


    • Titanium White
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Pthalo Green
    • Alizarin Crimson


    • Gamsol (Odorless Mineral Spirits- available through Gamblin Products)
    • Refined Linseed Oil (Also available through Gamblin)

    Painting Box:

    • Some videos, Open Box M www.openboxm.com
    • Some videos, www.artboxandpanel.com Both companies- great plein air easels!


    • Signet Series by Robert Simmons: sizes 2,4,6,& 8
    • https://www.dickblick.com/products/robert-simmons-signet-brushes/

    Plein Air Backpack:

    • Sienna Brand Plein Air Back Pack
    • https://www.madisonartshop.com/plein-air-backpack.html


    • Small 8” x 10”, 6” x 8” or so panels (I prefer linen or gessoed- not cotton cheap pnes)
    • Raymar wet panel carrier for carrying wet paintings (I prefer an 8” x 10”) You can order panels through Raymar, also
    • http://www.raymarart.com/Wet-Painting-Carriers-Wet-Panel-Carriers-s/21.htm

    Miscellaneous materials:

    • Paper Towels
    • Sketch book/pencil
    • Camera/phone
    • 3 -legged stool
    • Bungie cord
    • Drawing pencils
    • View catcher
    • Personal care items, band-aids or small first aid kit, rubber bands, clips, chap stick, business cards, etc
    • Containers to hold solvent, Small metal can
    • Palette cups for linseed oil
    • Brush holder/container


Jessica Henry

Jessica Henry is founding partner of Renaissance Creative Arts and Executive Director and Lead Instructor of its Renaissance Academy of Fine Arts. In 2018 she co-founded the Renaissance Academy Of Fine Arts with Daniel Hill Riedel as part of their Renaissance Creative Arts business to extend their art instruction offerings. She develops and designs courses, teaches classes and workshops and contributes to the creation of the programs.

Jessica is a nationally recognized, award-winning artist. Her oil paintings are described as “Classically Impressionistic”, while maintaining the discipline of her classical training, Jessica embraces the painterly approach of thick, rich brushwork and play of light throughout her colors–reminiscent of the Impressionists use of jewel-like colours to reflect dancing light. Whether Jessica is painting a poetic landscape, a mysterious still life or capturing a personality in a portrait, her work resounds with joyous light and sumptuous paint quality.
Her work has been exhibited and eagerly collected from coast to coast as well as featured in many publications, including the December 2016 and 2017 issues of Western Art Collector. And as a featured artist in an article, Western Art East of the Mississippi.
Jessica’s teaching experience started in 1994 and includes owning her own art school; teaching hundreds of art students at various levels of development in numerous schools and workshops, and tens of thousands on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel is ranked #25 of the top 50 Oil Painting Channels. Jessica’s videos have been watched worldwide and have more than 5Mil minutes of view time.
Her mission is to guide each artist on the journey to maximize his/her talents and creativity. Jessica’s deep knowledge of materials and techniques communicated with her warm, engaging personality and humble yet confident approach make learning art an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
We’re confident that whatever level you’re at now, if you are dedicated to take the courses and do the work, Jessica and her guest instructors will help you achieve your artist goals.
For more information about Jessica Henry and her work, visit:

Daniel Hill Riedel

Daniel Hill Riedel is a fine artist, muralist, decorative artisan, illustrator and designer. In 2018 he co-founded the Renaissance Academy Of Fine Arts with Jessica Henry as part of their Renaissance Creative Arts business to extend their art instruction offerings.

Daniel discovered his artistic talent and passion early in life growing up in Ohio. As a boy both of his grandfathers had a profound impact on his life—one a painter, wallpaper hanger and the other a printer—which ultimately influenced the direction of his work later in life.
After graduating from college, he decided to pursue his art full time while studying in Munich, Germany. Returning to the United States he pursued formal art training at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.
Daniel’s professional art career began as an illustrator. He also was a member of the original faculty at City Center Academy in Philadelphia, where he taught studio art and art history classes. At the same time he started The Graphics Guild, a printmaking studio. He is also a published book illustrator: And God Said and Surviving College Successfully.
Since 1981 he has also worked in graphic design and marketing communications as a designer, director and consultant for numerous companies, and operating his own firm. His creative work spans multiple media in those roles.
In 2009 he founded Riedel Decorative Finishing Company to create unique artistic expressions on the surfaces of his clients’ living and work spaces.
Daniel’s work encompasses fine art commissions and independent projects; murals—traditional, trompe l’oeil and abstract styles; high-end decorative finishing and architectural coatings.
He is currently founding an artistic community that sells art and artistic merchandise to benefit Charities and Ministries that are dedicated to meeting human spiritual, physical and material needs worldwide.
To learn more about Daniel Hill Riedel and his work, please visit:


Aussie Outback Plein Air Art Adventure

 November 18 - Dec 1 2019

Travel 14 days with skilled artists to exciting destinations, painting plein air and learning about Australia.

Following a two-day inside plein air fundamentals workshop with Jessica Henry, Daniel Hill Riedel and Graeme Stevenson, we will take you on an art adventure like no other.

Discover many beautiful locations to paint and practice your new Plein air painting skills.

The principles learned in the two-day workshop will develop into a solid plein air painting education like no other.

Each painting day of the Outback Art Adventure will begin with a demonstration focusing on one main element to plein air painting, with the intention of opening up all necessary doors of understanding to the student.

If students choose to take these two stand alone workshops, they will have a solid foundation to beginning their own unique journey as a plein air artist. Should they choose to join along in the outback adventure, the principles learned in the two-day courses will develop into a solid plein air painting education like no other. Each participant will be given a full workbook from the above 2 day courses, if they do not already have one.

Each day of the Outback adventure trip will begin with a demonstration focusing on one main element to plein air painting, with the intention of opening up all necessary doors of understanding to the student. Questions are encouraged, as it is our desire to see everyone develop a love for and confidence in plein air painting. After the demonstration in the morning, the instructors will work with each student individually walking around from each one, encouraging, supporting and guiding them as necessary as they work on their own plein air paintings.

Students and instructors alike will be able to relax in the evening talking about all our own artistic journeys and relating experiences helpful to the student.

Early Bird: USD  $5,447  if booked by May 1

Regular Price:  USD $5,497

Booking deposit USD $500  (non refundable)

Second payment of  USD $2,000  due by May 1

Third Payment of USD  $1,500 due By July 1

Final payment of  USD $1,497 due by September

Costs included three meals a day and 4 star accomodation where possible

Register your interest now. Limited numbers apply.

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