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Why do people buy art?- art marketing tips :)

why do people buy art?

Buying Art to many is one of life’s luxuries. The public loves to view art. Galleries, when they are open, are often filled with the art-loving public, but not a huge percentage of this public actually purchase art.

In this time of Covid 19, galleries are closed and the tried and true methods of selling art through galleries and art fairs are not available as they have been in the past.

The good news is that people are buying more art online. Blue Thumb, Australia’s largest online Art Gallery, reported bumper month in April this year as people stayed home and dreamt of redecorating their homes and purchased art online. There is hope!

So, why do people buy art?

In this article, I explore several reasons why people buy art.

People buy art because they are collectors.

They may have been following an artist over time and know that having more than one piece of an artists’ work makes them more valuable. They also know how to spot the best pieces and love having a large collection of art around them.

People buy art because it matches the decor.

Blank walls are boring. Art certainly makes the place more colourful and interesting. Many artists stay tuned to current interior design trends and create their art style and colours around this trend.   This is certainly worth considering if you are wishing to create work that sells.

People buy art as an investment.

Buyers purchase art to have something that’s going to really hold its value. They seek out art that is sure to increase its value over time and do not mind spending more upfront if it means they can double their money in the future

People buy art because of the emotion it stirs in them.

Have you ever had a piece of art take your breath away, made you laugh or cry, or simply remind you of something?  If you can create a piece that the viewer can connect with, in some emotional way,  you are far more likely to sell.

People buy art because they follow or are inspired by the artist’s life experience and story.

This is where and why telling your story well is so important.  If the viewer is inspired by you or your story, the likelihood of them buying from you is far greater. You may like to read this article to ensure you get your story right.

Your biggest fans will continue to buy art from you if you keep in contact. They will have connected with you and your art, at one point, and like to continue the collection. This is why it is important to stay in touch and continue with your email marketing. This article may help.

People buy art for prestige.

Collectors like to show off about their purchases. Especially if the artworks are by a well-known artist. It increases their ego and reputation.

People buy art  for a “dinner party” conversation

A host likes nothing better than someone commenting on the art in their house. If the artwork has a good story attached then the conversation will sure to be long, interesting, and inspiring.

If you wish to make art to sell then consider your audience before you start the artwork, and you will have more chance of selling. 

To learn more check out this vodcast with Graeme and Eric Rhoads.

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