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What to do with a press release

What to do with a press release

 So you have an awesome press release ready to go, what do you do with it?

See our 10 points to success

Personalize the press release:

  •   Add a paragraph that relates the story to you in third person


Murwillumbah Artist Natascha Wernick was thrilled to learn that her TV Art Documentary, produced by Put Some Colour in Your Life would be heading to the moon with spacex and NASA on their mission in 2023.

  • Include a quote from yourself

Natascha explained, “I was over the moon about the news. It was almost unimaginable something like this could happen to a regional artist like me” .

  • Include at the end of the article,  a way for the public to contact you-  usually your website address

View the art show that is heading to the moon here : www.xxxxxxxx  ( insert your CYL YT show link)

Or  view Natascha’s art here: www.xxxxxxxx ( insert your web address)

 2.   Collect a series of images you can use to send to the press.


  • A picture of yourself;
  • A pictures of your art;
  • Picture of you and Graeme or the host from the TV show. Take screen shot from the youtube if you need to ;
  • Download  or screen shot the images we have provided in the newsletter, ensuring you put the image credit and title in the file name.

3. Make a press/media list

  • List all the radios stations, magazines, newspapers, online news forums that are in your local area.
  • Note the person you need to contact and find their email address and phone number. 
  • Try searching on Linkedin/ Insta/FB  and connecting there
  • Ask around your friends and colleagues to see if they have any contacts with the press.

4. Make contact

The press get swamped daily with request and stories. You need to make your email as clear and succinct as possible.

Try something like,

Dear editor, (use their name if possible) ,

I have a great lead for a good news story that is out of this world!

I have just learned that my art TV documentary will be going up in a SPACE X rocket with NASA and heading to the South Pole to the moon to stay there for perpetuity!

Please see the attached press release and images that you can use for your story

I am very happy to be interviewed for the story or can arrange an interview with  team from Colour in Your Life, if you wish.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

This news can be released immediately.  

5. Follow up

Always follow up with a phone call the next day or an email.  

6. Put it on your website

Put the newly personalised article up in your blog or news in your website

 7. Sharing on your socials

  • Share the link, to the article on your website, with your socials

Eg.  Guess what! I have just learned that my art documentary will be going up in a SPACE X rocket with NASA and heading to the south pole to the moon to stay there for perpetuity!

 Read more here:

And give them a link to the story in your website.

This will lead them to your website and who knows you might make sale at the same time. : )

  • Share the newly created article with your socials and add a groovy image.
  • Use the memes provided to bring attention back to your story, or make your own…

8. Newsletter

This is the best excuse for a newsletter.  Make it full of info and images linking back to your website.

9. Email your friends and clients

Send an email to all your friends,  family, clients, and businesses you work with and share your news.

10. Finally Word of mouth

Tell everyone you meet or see.  Don’t be shy! It is the Moon after all!

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