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What is your USP? Art Marketing Tip

Unique selling proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is your competitive edge

Once you start thinking about your art as a business, so many other things come into play. Just like any other business,  art businesses need to think about what makes them different from every other business.  What makes you stand out? In the marketing world, the term USP describes the part of your business that makes you different from every other.

What makes your art different to the next artist?

It could be your style, theme, subject matter, story or size of work. It could be your inspiration, your medium or attention to detail. This is what we like to call your unique selling proposition  (USP) or competitive edge.  This is what you can focus on to attract more customers  and use it to leverage sales. Your USP is embedded in your story. It provides differentiation.

 Why do collectors buy art?

Many think it is because of the artwork itself, and of course, this is a great part of why they purchase, but collectors also purchase because of the story behind the art and the artist. The artwork becomes an extension of the artist, a bit like a fingerprint.  There are many other reasons why people buy art. You can read more here.

How do you decide what your USP is?

The best way to identify your USP is to consider what your customers want. This is a process you may have already done when creating an avatar or customer profile.  Read more here. Consider also what you do well and compare that to what your competitors do well. Make it obvious and different. Offer what the others do not,  a trait worth remembering.

What do you do with a USP?

You mention your USP as often as you can and in as many ways as you can. Why not try using it in your text on your website.  Chat about it on Facebook. Emphasise it on Instagram. Discuss it in length on your blog.  Perhaps it becomes your byline.


 “I am the Aussie Outback Painter.”

“Witness the most amazing under water rock painter.” 

 Share your USP in our forums. We’d love to hear about you more. 

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