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Two Important Roads in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Twin cities combined form the third-largest metropolitan area of the country. Rawalpindi is one of the most densely populated urban centers, while Islamabad is Pakistan’s only properly planned city. Twin cities have a broad network of roads linking every corner of the metropolitan. In terms of quality, the roads of Islamabad are constructed keeping in mind the international standards. In contrast, Rawalpindi has comparatively low standard roads because of traffic load and administrative barriers. But the importance of Rawalpindi’s roads is higher than Islamabad’s. This article has brought you information about the two significant roads of Islamabad-Rawalpindi and essential residential or commercial areas on those roads where you can find a shop for sale or a house for sale or rent. Following are the two most important avenues of Rawalpindi-Islamabad:

GT road: The cultural and historical importance of GT tells us how vital this road is and how long we can look back into the history of Rawalpindi. The road is the main entrance for Rawalpindi coming from both Lahore and Peshawar side. Starting from T-chowk and ending at Golrah Morr, the road gives a clear view of the whole city. In the middle, it changes its name to Mall road. DHA, Bahria Town, Morgah, Westridge, Askari 12, Islamabad’s sector I-13, H-13, I-12, H-12, and many more areas come on the road where you can find houses for sale and houses for rent. Moreover, multiple commercial areas also come on the road, like Saddar Cant., Qasim Market, Choor Chowk, and Naseerabad, where you can easily find a shop for sale or a shop for rent. 

Murree road: Murree road serves as the backbone of Rawalpindi. It is also one of the major roads that joins both the city. Starting from Mall road (GT road) and ending at Sri Nagar Chowk Islamabad, the road is home to dozens of significant markets of Rawalpindi. Saddar Bazar, Raja Bazar, Bani Bazar, Commercial Market, 6th Road, and Faizabad are the most important markets to find shops for sale or rent. On the Islamabad side, the road is home to many international and local hotels, guesthouses, and marques. Sareena Hotel is one of the major names among them.

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