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Hey guys, Graeme here,

As I’m sure you all know, here at Colour In Your Life we’re constantly trying to carry the dream further and spread a little more creativity and colour across the world. In a rather humbling confirmation of that, I was recently awarded the Order of Australia Medal for my services to the Arts, not just for Australia but for trying to take art across the globe.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without the incredible team I have behind me, but I also couldn’t have done it without the constant support of fans and artists everywhere. Whether you’re an artist that loves learning from others, or an art lover that simply takes joy and inspiration from the episodes, thank you. It means the world to me that you’ve held on and supported us over the years.

Now as we try to take the series further than ever before, to the UK, Canada, India, Greece and more, we need your help. Quite simply, your support will help us create more; more episodes, more opportunities for artists, more avenues in which Colour In Your Life can be seen and experienced around the world.

After being in touch with one of Patreon’s founders, I decided to put up some information for Colour In Your Life so that we can tell the world what we’re doing in a page (maybe a little bit more than a page, but we’re close!).

By becoming a Patron of Colour In Your Life, you’ll be contributing to every single episode, ensuring that art and creativity continue to spread across the world. You’re helping create a legacy, and something beautiful for future generations. How many times in a month can we say we did something to better tomorrow?

We also offer rewards to those helping out, some of which include skype sessions with yours truly, credit in future episodes, and even original artworks. So please, head over to our Patreon page and check it out. Even if you can’t be a Patron right now, please share it, or forward it to those you think can help. Help us carry the dream a little further, and make the lives of others a little brighter.

Kind regards,
Graeme Stevenson
CEO Put Some Colour In Your Life


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