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How to Fund Your Own Show

We often hear from Artists about how tough things are financially. Artists have been “starving” through out the centuries. Below are several innovative ways to fund your own show.

  1. Partner with a business Negotiate with a local tourist destination or business to sponsor your show in exchange for hosting the show at their location.
  2. Sponsorship The show presents an amazing format for art manufacturers, wholesalers, frame shops and galleries to be a part of this great opportunity by sponsoring artists to be on the show.
  3. Approach past clients Use the show concept as an opportunity to talk to their existing and past clients. Perhaps they can buy some of your work in advance to fund the show. Artists who have spoken to their clients have been very surprised to find they have sold a number of pieces, as the clients are just as keen for the artist to become well known due to the fact that they have their work. Plus, the editors of the show then put the clients name up in the show as a patron of the arts in the credits. Once again a win-win for all involved with that Artists work.
  4. Speak with your local council or tourism organisation A number of artists have been sponsored by their councils, as it gives the Colour In Your Life team a chance to promote the area on the show as well as the artist. A win-win for everyone.
  5. Apply for a grant We’ve had artists from regional Queensland apply for and receive grants that supported them being on the show. If you’d like to see some of those shows, head to Season Seven of our episodes. One of those being Sue Lederhose.

It’s simply a matter of thinking outside the box. It’s obvious that all artists want to sell their work, but the old ways of doing business, or even advertising in magazines for absolutely no results are slowly going by the wayside. What better way to tell the world who you are for a long time to come than to have your own television program?

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