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Jan Brooks

This is one of the very first episodes we did for Colour In Your Life. It was not aired as we had moved on to a different format for free-to-air television, but we feel it is still a wonderful show from a really talented lady. ** This is one of the very first ones we…

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Dr. Manuel Petavrakis

Dr. Manny shows Graeme some great exercises in life drawing. Doctor and artist Manuel Petavrakis is an Australian of Greek descent and a father of three. With his wife Meg, they run the Art Shed in Brisbane and School Art Supplies. Their motto is ‘inspiring creativity®’ and they live by their motto every day. In…

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Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle is a very skilled and entertaining cartoonist who has been teaching children to draw cartoons for over 10 years. In this episode Graeme interviews Brian, finding out just how Brian does it. Brian progressed from drawing down the back of the classroom as a child to the East Sydney College of Art, which…

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Professor Robert Pope

It is difficult to be brief with such an renowned person and acclaimed career but we will attempt that here. In liaison with the Western Australian State Government Department of Aboriginal Welfare, Robert Pope established a special and successful science-art school for aboriginal Australians in 1969. In 1986 Robert Pope was awarded an Artist-in-residency at…

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Barbara Suttie

Barb Suttie is well known for her landscape oil paintings, landscape art prints and giclee art images of the Mount Warning Wollumbin Caldera region as well as her mountainous and valleyed landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. Her paintings are coveted and sought after gifts for birthdays, weddings, Christmas and other special occasions. One of…

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Andy Remanis

Andy Remanis is a brilliant pastel artist from the Caldera Region. During his interview with Colour In Your Life, he demonstrates a wonderful painting of a whale. Andy gains inspiration from the adaptability and tenacity of the natural world. The inherent determination of all species to survive dramatic changes in their environment is remarkable indeed.…

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Donna Sharam

Donna lives in the beautiful rolling hills of Byron Bay in Northern NSW and is satisfying her creative juices by applying her instinctive skills to paint on canvas. Her background in textile and design is evident in this work. Bold textures, exaggerated shapes and forms collide with vivid colour in a series of works that…

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