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Vivienne Bashford

Vivienne Bashford meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour in your life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Vivienne Bashford appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Nineteen (19)

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Vivienne Bashford’s work reflects experiences that have touched her life and those close to and around her.

Kiln fired glass is Vivienne’s passion. Its mystery and translucency constantly challenge her desire to portray in visual story form the life experiences of those around her.

The magnetising of the mineral pigment during the firing process can, when miscalculating colour and/or quantity alter the work beyond all expectations, i.e. lime green furnaced on 5mm float glass becomes a vibrant bright orange on 10mm starphire float glass
The pigment is fused into or on to the glass during kiln firing or furnacing. The colour changes are anticipated by the artist and depend on which process is used, along with the choice of application, silica sand country of origin along and the method used to produce float glass.

AlthoughVivienne Bashford has painted all her life in some form or other, her work and energy has been focused on teaching and sharing her knowledge with others, through private and community education classes. Teaching, Onglaze, Clay Carving, Clay Sculpture, Plaster Mold making and casting in Porcelain.

Vivienne Bashford has exhibited with hobbyist, students and craftspeople, but rarely where the work is for sale. Vivienne’s artwork is for enjoying and sharing and she enjoys working on commission producing special treasures for special people.

Kiln fired glass has a major role to play in Vivienne’s life now that she no longer teaches. Vivienne’s time is shared between her family life, community work and her workshop. The need to earn her living by tutoring stifled her creativity for many years.

During 1995 she began the slow path to making the public aware of her innovation and diversity with glass along with an innate urge to story tell through her work that often demands communication between Vivienne as the artist and the viewer.

For Vivienne Bashford the strength, luminosity, flexibility and translucency that glass offers the artist demonstrates the strengths and tenacity of the Kiwi. The variety of shapes that she is able to produce are endless and enable her to produce not only large windows and doors but also platters, bowls and sculptures.

Vivienne Bashford has a passion for marrying ancient technology with modern and was influenced in the work place from 1960 to 1969. During this period, Vivienne was privileged to work in a photographic, studio (A.R. Kingsford & Son – October 1960-mid 1964), processing, developing, retouching, at the end of glass plates and the beginning of automation along with hand colouring and automatic printing.

Vivienne Bashford was fortunate to use one of New Zealand’s first automatic negative printing machines. Hugh Kingsford encouraged her to think outside the square by answering any questions with a wordy description of how, when and why something was undertaken. One challenge she has never forgotten.

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Episode: S19E11

Original Air Date: 18th April 2019

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