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Vikki Jackson

Colour In Your Vikki Jackson

Colour in Your Life featured artist Vikki Jackson appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Thirteen (13)

Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Living in Sydney’s northern suburbs with her family, Vikki Jackson has realised her dream of becoming a professional artist. With a number of pieces in her collection, Vikki has spent time focusing on localised arts & crafts associations, exhibiting at fairs & market day events as well as supplying local shops & galleries with a variety of products.

Specialising in mixed medias & pointalism, Vikki Jackson has turned her small studio into a hive of activity & artistic production. Taking her art into new forms of presentation, Vikki now creates Greeting Cards, gift Tags, Wallets, B/W shopping totes, Laptop Bags, T-shirts, jewellery & many more items based on her unique style & presentation.

Vikki’s main themes are built around her travels, our glorious native wildlife & landscapes as well as creating beautiful images merely from a vivid imagination.

Vikki Jackson will be holding a series of “Art Therapy’ workshops around Australia for those who have experienced dark times in their life from abuse, depression or simply losing someone they loved which will be held by a group of women with a true understanding of these issues. The aim of these sessions will be to use artistic expression to release negative emotions such as hurt, fear, pain, guilt & loss to find joy, strength & understanding in our lives.

You can contact Vikki Jackson via her website at

If you or a friend needs help with domestic violence please contact the 1800 Respect service there website is

Episode: S13E04

Original Air Date: 24th May 2016

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  1. marie on June 12, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Wow! I really loved the way that Vikki worked using all the mixed media, it was truly inspirational to me. I loved the final painting of the parrot and will now look at her other work as I really enjoyed finding out about the variety of her work. Thanks for the wonderful programme

  2. on August 17, 2016 at 9:48 pm

    salute to th
    e brave!!!!

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