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Terry Jackson

Colour In Your Life Terry Jackson

Featured artist Terry Jackson appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Three (3). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Terry Jackson was born in 1958 and lives in beautiful Adelaide in South Australia. Terry is a naturally brilliant graphite and pencil Artist. Her love of nature and all things whimsical with wildlife is a magical journey of emotion and joy. Her work is a wonder to behold.

“I am a fabulous mum, pretty decent cook, lousy gardener, and practicing procrastinator. I am a hug-a-tree-save-the-whales-and-don’t-waste-water kind of person and have been told I would have made a great hippy.

Nowadays I am an artist but this wasn’t always so. Now, I could say that being an artist has been my lifelong passion, that I was drawn (pardon the pun) to portraying animals by some mysterious or overwhelming force. I could say that I am an art school graduate with years and years of experience behind me… yes I could say all of that but I won’t because none of that is true… this is…

Art had always been an interest of mine. I could wander an art gallery for hours, read books on art and I even dabbled a little in my younger days, producing one or two very average paintings and a crude but interesting sculpture of a fist that was pounded out of a piece of sandstone. I enjoyed doing arts and crafts and making things with my 3 kids. I helped out doing arty things at the local primary school and decorated the sets and programs for the Spalding Drama Group (I was a bit of an amateur thespian and singer and this was a very small town (around 250 people)…we all chipped in) but that was pretty much as far as it went.” ~ Terry Jackson

You can contact Terry Jackson directly via her website at

Episode: S03E02

Original Air Date: 23rd September 2012

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