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Tanya J De Wet

Colour in Your Life featured artist Tanya J De Wet appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Three (23).

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Tanya J De Wet believes everyone can connect with their creative side & live an extraordinary life! Engaging her creative forces through daily Art practices & Reiki for self-mastery, are what keeps her flourishing as a creative entrepreneur.

Tanya’s dream vocation is to run the occasional Creative Retreat, deliver wonderful contents to my online membership at while showcasing my Surface Pattern Designs on the walls of a film set for the next block-buster movie – a romantically themed drama. Set in the arms of a Countryside Mansion brimming with Floral Gardens & Romance.

“The sights of beautiful gardens, carried from outside into the lap of luxury is a truly unique experience that lingers with us for as long as our memories allow. From simple art to surface pattern designs, my contribution to the natural sights are captured in different ways of expression. My style shows through in the nuances of delicate classical colour palettes, contrasting shades & a deep love of nature. In short, you could say that my style is Feminine Expressive with a hint of Sensuality.” – Tanya J de Wet

From the first moment we step into a room, everything in there, ‘speaks’ to us… Tanya wants to showcase comfort & luxury, with a feeling greater than the mundane surroundings of boring white walls. Tanya wants colourful displays of her Surface Pattern Designs on the wall of Palaces! And if she hasn’t designed it yet, be sure to catch up with her & tell her what you want her to design next… 

In 2015 Tanya pursued a part-time Art career by leaning into her creative side. While working full-time as a Hairstylist, with a 24+ year career that she adored, it was time to retire from it as she and her family prepared to relocate to Australia from South Africa.

Tanya J De Wet became a predominantly self-taught Artist in Watercolours, Acrylics & Oil paint techniques, although she now also has digital skills in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop for Surface Pattern Designing. With the completion & full participation in the Immersion Course offered by her friend, Bonnie Christine, Tanya has been fully immersed in her career as a Surface Pattern Designer & Online Educator. She does want to plunge back into her Creativity Retreats as it is important for Tanya to have human connection & teach what she knows.

Tanya sells her Surface Pattern Designs on Spoonflower, where anyone can order a variety of Fabrics with her designs on them to make items themselves, or you could order ready-made items like Peel & Stick Wallpaper, or soft furnishings like Pillows to Curtains – here is the link.

For more of Tanya J De Wet’s work, see her website here.

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Episode: S23E02

Original Air Date: 1st April 2022

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