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Steve Vigors

Steve Vigors and Graeme Steveneson share a handshake at Steve's studio in Busselton, WA

Colour in Your Life featured artist Steve Vigors appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty (20)

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Steve Vigors is a self-taught multi-award winning local artist living in Busselton.  Steve’s passion for art commenced some 45 years ago, but when he relocated from Perth to Busselton in the south west in 1992, his passion reinvigorated.
Steve Vigors has been a member of both the Dunsborough and Busselton Art Societies for over 25 years.  He works in all mediums, is renowned for his pastels, however is predominantly attracted to acrylics. Steve enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, still life and doing portraiture, and finds inspiration in all aspects of this great world of ours, hence his diversity.
Over the years Steve has been fortunate to receive numerous awards for various pieces of his artwork.
From the artist:
“Coastal scenes always inspire me and the reason I guess, is because Mum and Dad lived either very close to beach, or if they didn’t, they’d ensured part of the weekend was spent at the beach.  My Mum in particular, would regularly go to the beach with our dog Butch, closely followed by my brother and I.  The water gives me the feeling of calmness and wellbeing.
I never tire of the coastal scenery, particularly here in the south west of WA.  With the season changes, different vistas appear; from the crystal-clear waters, to the stormy gloomy days, to the erosion of the coastline, to the energy in the waves.  There’s always something to paint.
I have not had any formal art education, as for me personally, my recollection of my school days was not that exciting, so I wasn’t inspired to source more pathways after I finished school. At that time, I wasn’t aware of formal avenues outside of the high school system that were available to me, plus as a surfer, the waves were too good to pass up (much to my Mum’s dismay).
My education comes from observing and doing.  I’m fortunate that I have the courage to give things a try and view failures as learning opportunities.  Josie (my wife) can vouch that I’ve destroyed quite a few unsuccessful paintings throughout my artistic journey.  Some that she would have rather I left alone but went that little bit too far and lost it altogether, so it ended up in the rubbish pile.  Something that all artists can relate to I’m sure.
I have been very fortunate to receive many awards over the years – my pastel work seems to attract attention as my technique involves little to no rubbing at all, but I have been acknowledged using all mediums – e.g. pastels, acrylics, oils, watercolour plus pen & ink.”

You can contact Steve Vigors about his art tips or art techniques directly via his website at

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Episode: S20E03

Original Air Date: 2nd August 2019

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