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Sheila Tan

Colour in Your Life featured artist Sheila Tan appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Two (22).

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Sheila Tan is an artist based in Sydney, Australia.  Sheila has created countless portraits of all sizes, from small cards to large murals. 

Through her work, Sheila hopes to inspire others to find their creative side—or to possibly find it again.

She is inspired by simple moments found in everyday life – walking through Sydney, food, roses, scenery and friendly smiles – the beauty of everyday things in colour, nature and people; and she loves to draw and paint women.

Sheila Tan loves to create inspiring portraits of individuals based on a style that can range from realism to abstract, depending on the customer request. It is Sheila’s fascination to capture her client’s story through their portrait, and to show you who they are. Or who they could be. 

She also loves to create paintings with personality, using subject matter that inspires her – whether they are abstracts, florals or scenery.

Sheila Tan’s brand, Funky Portrait reminds her of the unique path she’s carving out for herself as an artist. It’s a journey. Just like a piece of art that starts as a blank surface, her path is being created through the joy of process. 

Sheila wants her art to inspire others to pursue the path that their soul truly yearns for. She specialises in creating realistic portraits that capture “the real you”. Her art shares stories, conveys beauty, draws out feeling, energy and personality. The choice of simple media (pencils, acrylic paint) is connected with positive constraints and our ability as humans to make the most of what we have. We have the ability to create beautiful things out of the simplest of tools. Portraiture has the power to reinforce connection and share stories. 

Through art, she hopes to inspire you to reconnect with your true self, so that you can live your fullest life! Even in the face of uncertainty, you can find inner peace and beauty through creative self-expression.

Sheila’s ultimate dream is to reignite the light inside of the artists who gave up and show that it is indeed possible to succeed. 

For more of Sheila Tan’s work, see her website here.

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Episode: S22E11

Original Air Date: 6th August 2021

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