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Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks

Graeme Stevenson with sisters Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks

Colour in Your Life featured artists Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Two (22)

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 Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks grew up in a small country town in New South Wales called Gunnedah where they spent hours of their childhoods wandering through the forest with their grandparents looking for fairies, and finding all types of birds, animals and butterflies.
Being artists, they encouraged Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks to be creative at all times and fed their love of all things art and animal.
After leading very separate lives (both being married with children and having office jobs mainly), in 2016 Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks could not ignore their longing to create any more so they opened their art studio on the Gold Coast.
Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks have been very successful in competitions entered and have been finalists and winners not only in Australia but also internationally. Their last successful competition featured them both separately being finalists in the Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular 2019 and the Lethbridge 20000 2019.
In 2018 Sharen-Lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks realised their dream of creating a range of merchandise which features our beautiful artworks (check out our store for special offers) and we now have a nationwide distributor Batman Group Pty Ltd so we are excited for things to come.
About Teresa Franks:
Teresa Franks is well renowned for her surrealistic art projecting strong messages of inspiration, empowerment and metamorphosis. Teresa is a multi-faceted artist able to craft her art through disparate mediums including airbrushing, acrylics and illustrations. Teresa has been practicing and honing her art since she could hold a pencil, her grandparents and their love of art has been driving and motivating her to bring to light consummate art. She says “As kids, growing up in the small country town of Gunnedah, my sister and I lacked access to conventional recreational activities to indulge ourselves in. My sister and I would look up to our pop and nan who were artists and motivated and inspired us to pursue art, the values they inculcated in us of perseverance, being appreciative and respectful, and sharing these values with others are still intact with us “.
Her subjects are predominantly women and animals and her art projects positive and inspiring messages. Teresa says “Life is challenging, daunting, stressful and hectic with constant influx of notifications, breaking news, deadlines and chaos. I want to send the message that life is not as atrocious as it may seem. It is the myopic view of the herd that reinforces this uncomfortable feeling. I want to that convey that happiness and pleasure lies in small things. The message I want the viewer to take in is “All Is Well”.
She has dedicated her life to learn different forms of art like air brushing, graphic designing, markers, acrylics, pencils as well as ink. She has shared her expertise with art enthusiast as a teacher and advisor. Her students who have become artists themselves keep in touch and seek her guidance.
Teresa’s art has been very well acclaimed by art organisations as well as art connoisseurs. Her art has been covered by Art Edit Magazine consecutively in 2017 & 2018. She has also been finalist at prestigious art shows like Brisbane Art Prize 2016, Camberwell Art Show 2017, Victor Harbor Art Prize 2017 and Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize 2017. Her airbrushed painting “Red” was bought and donated to Logan Women’s Health & Wellness Centre.
She is excited for the next part of her art journey with 2 Sisters (formally known as Sisters Air Artistry), where the studio will be offering bespoke services to Interior Designers, Home Renovators and Art Collectors as well as offering beautiful and unique homewares and gifts.
About Sharen-Lee McLachlan:
Sharen-Lee McLachlan, internationally acclaimed artist, is renowned for her art of wildlife animals. She has been lauded for her ability to create magic through the arduous art of Air Brushing on any surface be it Canvas or MDF boards and is equally equipped to create magic on unconventional surfaces like wood, surfboards, skateboards. She has also been commissioned to make murals, automotive designs and paintings.
Sharen-Lee has been doing art since her childhood. She was introduced to art even before she could learn to speak. Her grandparents who were both artists are her inspiration. Sharen says “I grew up with my younger sister in a small town in New South Wales called Gunnedah. As kids my Nan and Pop would take us in forests for walks, this is where I was introduced to two things I love Art and Wildlife. We would discuss wildlife and art; my Pop would tell me about different wildlife around the world.”
Sharen-Lee’s subjects principally are animals and birds and she has received accolades for capturing the tiniest details from the fur to the emotion in their eyes.
She says “I like to study my subjects in detail before I bring them to life. It is important for me to know the minuscule details about my subjects. For example, Cheetahs are the only big cats that purr or that Australian Shepherd dogs have two different coloured eyes. Knowing these details makes me feel closer to my subjects and comforts me that I can do justice while painting them.”
Sharen-Lee is known to name her subjects before she paints them. Through her art she wants to connect viewers with animals and create awareness about wildlife conservation.
Sharen-Lee has been associated with various foundations such as AWAMO (Australian War Animals Memorial Organisation). She has been called their “Official Artist” and was commissioned to illustrate Smoky, Australia’s first war therapy dog. She was also commissioned to do a portrait of Stan the Ram, Royal Australian Regiment Infantry Unit mascot. She feels this her way of giving back to the animals who have supported Australian troops in wars.
Sharen-Lee’s  art  has  been  covered  in  Art  Edit  magazine  consecutively  in 2017 and 2018. She has also won Best in Show 2017 award in All Women Contemporary Art Gallery Online, Contemporary Artist Gallery Online (CAGO) in 2017. Her illustrations of Smoky for The Purple Poppy were nominated for the best children’s book. Her work “Love” was a Finalist in Brisbane Art Prize 2016 – “Love”. Sharen-Lee’s paintings (Sabu & Hunter) were also the winners in
Contemporary Artist Gallery Online (CAGO) in 2017.
You can contact Sharen-lee McLachlan and Teresa Franks about their art tips or art techniques directly via their website at

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Episode: S22E13

Original Air Date: 27th September 2019

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