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Colour In Your Life Sandra Blackburne

Colour in Your Life featured artist Sandra Blackburne appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Thirteen (13)

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Sandra Blackburne trained as an illustrator and graphic designer before undertaking a successful career in advertising and corporate graphic communication. She graduated in design and illustration from the Queensland College of Art, and has a BA honors in Australian literature from the University of Sydney. She has painted continuously throughout her career.

Sandra Blackburne’s work explores the textures and layers of the Australian landscape. “I have always been drawn to the natural world both micro and macro images. The country has an awesome energy which is beyond our ability to control. I try to show this in my work. I’m interested in the experience of the individual confronted with the sublime, and much of my work focuses on man’s attempts to control a land which can’t be controlled. Thus the paintings focus on the power of nature to reassert itself.”

You can contact Sandra Blackburne directly via her website at


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Episode: S13E03

Original Air Date: 20th May 2016

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