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Ruth Reid

Colour In your Life Ruth Reid

Colour in Your Life featured artist Ruth Reid appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Seven (7)

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Ruth Reid is a New Zealand born artist; passionate about painting, exploring, sharing and preserving wilderness areas.

As a skier and tramper (hiker) Ruth Reid regularly goes into remote areas of the mountains and bush with her camera slung over her shoulder and sketching materials at hand. The natural beauty of New Zealand offers Ruth infinite inspiration; from the long miles of rocky coastline and sandy beaches, through the primeval forest areas to the pristine, majestic mountains and into their unique back-country huts. Because of this love of the world’s finite natural wilderness areas, Ruth gets involved in projects which highlight the importance of protecting them. It really gives her a thrill when her paintings encourage people to visit and cherish the places she paints or remind them of trips they have made.

Although Ruth painted for many years, it’s since 2010 that she has been a full-time artist. Her oil paints and other materials are always of high professional quality. Ruth Reid paints en plein air (on location) and from her photos when back in the studio.

Ruth Reid’s artwork is exhibited widely, both throughout New Zealand and more recently, internationally.

Being an artist means a lot of time working in solitude, however, Ruth Reid is never quite alone as she has two cats and a dog who love spending time in her studio. In addition, she regularly spends time with her family, other artists and friends. Ruth Reid believes that it’s important to be of support to other artists and has become involved in the wider arts scene, organising projects to encourage artists, and is on the Executive Committee of Arts Canterbury.

You can contact Ruth Reid directly via her website at


Episode: S07E08

Original Air Date: 25th May 2014

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