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Richard Robinson

Colour In your Life Richard Robinson

Colour in Your Life featured artist Richard Robinson appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Eight (8)

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Born 1975. Originally a graphic designer, Richard started painting full time in 2001. He is well known in New Zealand for his landscape paintings with much of his work residing now in private and corporate collections worldwide. More recently Richard has become a popular teacher through his instructional videos sold primarily through his teaching website

Richard Robinson is a full time impressionistic artist, living and painting in the beautiful North Island of New Zealand. Having lived in Whangarei for most of his life, Richard finds himself somewhat biased when it comes to thinking of beautiful places. Though he has traveled the world, Richard still finds the familiar scenes of his homeland just as new and exciting when approaching them with a paintbrush.

Richard has been featured in several international arts magazines and in 2012 was the opening speaker for the worlds largest plein air painting convention held in America. He travels the world teaching and painting. Richard is married with two children, now residing in New Zealand.

A big part of what Richard teaches in the painting lessons is really about seeing. You’ll learn how to see like an artist, which is very different from how most people look at the world. An artist sees by observing relationships – the relationships of color, value, shape and texture. Once you know how to see these relationships more clearly your painting will literally jump ahead from where it is now.

Seeing like an artist isn’t nearly enough though – he also teaches you the practical painting techniques you’ll need, from the painting basics to the more advanced painting techniques, normally only found after many years at the easel.

You can contact Richard Robinson directly via his website

Episode: S08E11

Original Air Date: 9th November 2014

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