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Rhonda Gray

Rhonda Gray meets Sophia Stacey, concept Graeme Stevenson

Colour in Your Life featured artist Rhonda Gray appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Fifteen (15)

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Residing in beautiful East Gippsland Rhonda has a world of inspiration around her.

Rhonda Gray has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember, initially taking part in various workshops throughout Victoria before studying under a local artist and completing a ‘Diploma of Visual Arts ‘in 2010. Rhonda has also travelled to Europe in 2014 to learn the skills of ‘Plein air’ painting.

Her motivation to create works simply comes from the love of it.

Rhonda’s paintings are created slowly and thoughtfully; Rhonda loves the practice of watching it come to life. Subject matter fluctuates from the Naive style to detailed realism. However, what really entices Rhonda to a theme or a subject are the subtleties of the light, the play of abstract shapes and the contrast of the tones.

Rhonda Gray endeavours to create pieces that engage the viewer by using strong compositions, interesting negative space and a limited palette.

Rhonda Gray finds it vital as an artist to experience what she paints, to get to know the subject. This is where her artistic process begins. Preferring to work on linen most of her works are under painted in red or gold to warm the subject and create an under glow. Pieces are then painted using traditional techniques. The development of creating brings much personal fulfilment, not just the feeling of accomplishment once the work is complete.

You can contact Rhonda Gray the artist about her art tips or art techniques directly via her website

Episode: S15E02

Original Air Date: 26th April 2017

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