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Peggy Stokes

Peggy Stokes and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Peggy Stokes appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty (20).

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Peggy Stokes began her passion for art after making sure all of her 5 children were in college and she had survived cancer. Peggy decided to study Fine Arts Photography in San Francisco. After more than 35 years of expressing herself in the photographic medium she decided to branch out to other areas of painting including acrylics, alcohol inks and mixed media.  They are amazing and challenging mediums.

 As a self-taught artist in these fields, Peggy Stokes had no guidelines to follow, so her art was never “right” or “wrong” – just what she enjoyed. She has been working with alcohol inks for over 3 years and have found the medium to be very complex, since it is so different from other forms of art.  Alcohol ink dries almost in seconds. When poured on a “non-porous” surface it begins a journey only the artist can control by moving the combinations or a single color around and blending them in an image you love.  Remember, whatever medium you pursue you must have passion in your creations.

Alcohol inks contain very brilliant, saturated colors which will enhance any room in your home or office.  The process can be tricky as alcohol ink dries very quickly, so you must be ready to move the ink over a non-porous surface and see what the blending of colors comes up within the process. The colors flow back and forth which is so exciting in it’s own way.  Brushes and tool may be used but is not necessary.

Peggy Stokes motto remains the same but she is more “loose” than she was with photography… ‘See The Image’, ‘Feel The Image’, ‘Make the Image’.  If we love what we do and have a passion for our art it must be right …there are no mistakes in art.   

The interesting medium of alcohol ink is you never need a brush…just create as the ink flows.

You can contact Peggy about her art tips or art techniques directly via her website at

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Episode: S20E08

Original Air Date: 15th November 2019

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