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Noula Diamantopoulos

Colour In Your Life Noula Diamantopoulos

Colour in Your Life featured artist Noula Diamantopoulos appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Thirteen (13)

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Noula Diamantopoulos studied and became a qualified accountant which developed into an international taxation manager role in the oil and gas industry. Towards the end of completing her 2nd degree in Law, the way Noula saw life changed.

In 1996 Noula Diamantopoulos began to pursue creative thinking, philosophy and psychology. This path brought Noula to the arts and a change in career. In 1998 Noula rented her first art studio and soon after began teaching classical and ancient art techniques and creating innovative thinking programs for corporations.

Noula’s nature is to keep life simple. Noula gardens when she gardens. Noula teaches when she teaches. Noula creates programs when she creates programs. Noula spends time with family when she is with family. Noula writes articles when she writes articles. Noula studies each time she reads a new book. Noula makes mosaic when she has a mosaic commission. Noula is fully present when she has a client for coaching or psychotherapy. Noula’s Studio is located in Rozelle in Sydney.

“Life can be seen through a variety of many lenses – remember that and reflect on what lens you might be looking through before you react. We have different roles in our life and these roles can blur our soul’s calling – pause and listen occasionally – grow your connection to yourself. Life is simple when we can learn that we carry unrealised potential, and that they are your unique gifts. And our life’s journey is to realise it and then share these gifts with humanity.” – Noula Diamantopoulos

You can contact Noula Diamantopoulos directly via her website at

Episode: S13E11

Original Air Date: 7th September 2016

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