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Mark Waller

Colour In Your Life Mark Waller

Colour in Your Life featured artist Mark Waller appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Five (5)

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Artist and “small child” (as he likes to call himself), Mark Waller has been delighting art lovers with his gorgeous paintings for decades. Imbued with wonderful light and depth, Mark transports us to places we can all relate to, bringing into his artwork the childlike wonder that inspires him every day in his work and his life.

Mark Waller is passionate about discovering tiny miracles in the world, and teaching others how to discover these moments. In the process of this discovery, often our view of the world is altered, and we regain some of our childlike qualities, which tend to elude us in our adult lives.

Mark Waller has an infectious excitement about the artistic process, which he is more than happy to share with anyone and everyone. An inspiring and (hyper) active individual, Mark is always happy to have a chat and welcomes visitors to his home and studio in Lennox Head, Australia.

For Mark Waller, reality is a relative concept. We each construct a version of it that fits our beliefs, relationships and social structures. It seems that the structure that we have generally constructed for ourselves in Australia now is based on a very narrow view of reality, and is not designed to take us to a place beyond simply existing. We have designed a life of chasing our tails.

Seemingly just out of reach however, yet tantalisingly close, is another world. In this world there is an easy access to lives lived with wonder and celebration. The porthole to this magical place is in insignificant events and places and is unnoticed in our scramble for survival and our obsession with collecting “stuff”. The paradox is that these simple events and places have a complexity and power beyond imagination. They can transform our reality.

Mark’s paintings are about elevating these simple moments where we can just be. Tiny discoveries are laden with wonder and life. They are for many of us though, unseen. They need to be documented, highlighted, embraced and savoured. They are the “real” world, and for him, an antidote to the one humanity has constructed.

Painting these moments allows Mark to surrender to ”being”. He wallows in these moments. They are his sanity and solidity. They are the answer.

You can contact Mark Waller directly via his website at

Episode: S05E03

Original Air Date: 21st July 2013

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