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Lyn Olsen

Colour In your Life Lyn Olsen

Colour in Your Life featured artist Lyn Olsen appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Ten (10)

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In creating her brilliant, free-flowing acrylic paintings, Australian artist Lyn Olsen takes an entirely instinctive approach. Inspired by the palette of her homeland, Olsen throws colour on her blank canvas and sees where it leads her.

Lyn Olsen has been painting for 15 years after an early retirement. Travelling Australia with her husband, she takes inspiration from the deserts, rainforests, coasts and vast expanses of this beautiful country. Having lived in most of those areas, Lyn finds herself drawn to the coast, particularly along the East Coast of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is an incredible source of inspiration for her, right on her doorstep.

Working with acrylics, glazes, inks and charcoal, and using scrapers, spray and drip techniques, and a palette knife, she approaches her canvases from every angle, working intimately with the paint to see what emerges. For Olsen, painting becomes a visceral process in which she blends and merges various media and colours with her hands and fingers, shaping the images to create vibrant works.

While Lyn Olsen’s career began as a ‘dabble’ in painting, she is now a full time artist, teaching, exhibiting and holding workshops. She has held exhibitions in New York, Italy, and Miami, and her self-belief has given her the constant driving force to find the next phase of her career.

If you are interested in worksjops with Lyn Olsen, simply head to to view a growing list of workshops becoming available. It is free to join her school so you are first to know when a new online workshop is available.

You can contact Lyn Olsen via her website:


Episode: S10E03

Original Air Date: 9th May 2015

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  1. on April 4, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Really enjoyed the demonstration. Colours are fabulous. Techniques interesting. I aslo like to use my fingers when painting. It’s great to watch other artists at work. Colour in your life is a fantastic site. Thanking you all for the effort to bring this into being.

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