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Louise Corke

Colour In Your Life Louise Corke

Featured artist Louise Corke appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Four (4). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Louise Corke is a Master Pastelist and one of the disciplines greatest teachers in Australia. She has won numerous awards over the years and her work is collected on a worldwide basis.

Louise’s journey with pastels began in 1993. Since that time she has loved every minute of every pastel experience. Louise is New Zealand born to Australian parents. The visual experiences of both countries initially caused her confusion due to the vast colour differences between the two landscapes, but today the two augment and enhance her paintings. The creativity gene runs throughout her family where you will find composers, piano builders, soloists, pianists, violinists, visual artists, photographers, film-makers, dancers and writers.

For many years Louise worked in other areas of creativity that did not include painting – music, craft, clay, etc. Today her total focus is painting. Louise initially studied painting for 7 years with one teacher before supplementing her studies with high profile tutors both within Australia and internationally in Paris, New York, and other parts of the USA. Encouragement along the way has included being awarded Master Pastellist status with the Pastel Society of Australia, Scholarship to study pastel painting in New York, Pastellist of the Year Award 2007 and multiple awards in both pastels and portraiture in Australia and Internationally. Louise has been published in multiple publications, encompassing books and magazines.

As an avid learner, Louise will continue to study and share the results of my findings in future paintings.

“I consider painting like a dance that is pure gestural expression. I marry my heart to my hand and together they speak visual music. Sometimes the beauty, colours and light play are overwhelming and I am forced to blurt the information onto the surface in quick strokes saying just enough about how I am feeling towards my subject rather than telling what my subject looks like. At other times I linger and drink in all that I perceive and gently caress the painting surface with delicate information out of pure respect and amazement.

The dance on the surface is always unique, rhythmic yes, but not contrived. It has to be genuine, it has to express my innermost responses, and it has to be mine and mine alone. Though I dance alone I dance for others to enjoy so they too can palpate the emotions of the visual music.” ~ Louise Corke

You can contact Louise Corke directly via her website at

Episode: S04E09

Original Air Date: 5th May 2013

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