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Leisa O’Brien

Colour In Your Life Leisa O'Brien

Featured artist Leisa O’Brien appeared on Colour In Your Life Season One (1). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Leisa O’Brien is a passionate, self-taught artist, focusing her subject matter on what surrounds her, particularly the beach. Her passion is to be able to capture a moment in life, whether it be a person, a clear wave on a sunny day, or a combination of colours in a second’s glance.

Using mainly acrylic paints, with the occasional oils, Leisa likes to get her vision onto canvas as soon as possible, with the first few layers being a fervent frenzy, followed by several layers of refined, loving detail. Leisa has a fascination with light, shade and shadow, and is always trying to express that. She paints to share herself with the world; to share what she feels and what captivates her.

Leisa was born to create. She loves to paint, design and teach. She has spent a large part of her life studying the creative process and learning about the brain and its subsequent roles in creating art. Leisa is very passionate about the fact that anyone can create wonderful art – with a little guidance and correct ‘thinking’. She is probably best known as a surf artist but has figurative art, fashion illustration, portraiture and architectural perspective in her set of skills as well.

“My subjects usually revolve around my surroundings,  which are the stunning, pristine beaches
of the Australian East Coast, particularly Queensland’s Gold Coast (about an hour south of Brisbane). This is what led me to be a ‘surf artist’ but the subject is not the most important part of my need to create… I am greatly influenced by light and shadow and their effect on colour. Whatever I’m painting, to capture that moment in time, express the way I see it and the way it makes me feel is my main goal.” ~ Leisa O’Brien

You can contact Leisa O’Brien directly via her website.

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Episode: S01E11

Original Air Date: 27th May 2012

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