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Lee Teusner

Lee Teusner and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Lee Teusner appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty One (21).

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Lee Teusner dreamed of becoming an artist, a dreamer she has always been, imagining and having romantic notions about all sorts of things.

Growing up, Lee’s family were involved in local theatre and stage productions, her Mum, Dad and sister  were out there – front and centre, performing, pretending, singing…. That wasn’t Lee – she wasn’t ON stage, but she loved the atmosphere, the makeup and costumes and the transformation of performers into character. With her dear friend and mentor, Roger, she created many backdrops and theatre props, and helped create the glamour on the actors with make-up and costume. It was a world of make-believe.

Lee Teusner has had two significant teachers, each one she worked with for several years at different times in her life.

The first was a kind, gentle man who was deaf and an amazing artist – he was her dear friend until he passed away in 1995. From him Lee learned the fundamentals of drawing, colour, composition, pastels, pencil and basic painting techniques.

During the in between years of working, having a family and businesses, art was always calling to Lee.

In 2012 Lee Teusner enlisted the help of a new teacher, Jacqui, who taught her how to paint with acrylics.  Lee really liked the versatility and speed at which she could create using acrylic paint. It was quick to dry and easy to correct any problem areas. Nothing is unfixable with acrylics.

After becoming practiced and confident at painting, Jacqui taught Lee the valuable lessons of learning how to teach and how to make a business from her art.

Over the years of practice, Lee Teusner gained courage to explore, experiment, play, make mistakes – learn from them, develop new ideas, use new techniques to evolve her artwork, grow more confident, improve and keep moving forward.

She learned how to value what she does and PUT value on what she does.

Lee learned how to teach others to paint and in doing so discovered that she truly connected with giving to others through teaching art.

As a result, Lee developed her own style of teaching, and added it to her art practice where participants can connect with their creative energy in a relaxing, fun learning environment and achieve a beautiful piece of feminine artwork, that reflects their inner Diva at the end of a one, two or three day intensive session.

Lee Teusner is inspired by exploring the realm of the feminine and works to reveal the many faces of a woman, from exotic to mysterious, romantic to abundant and beautiful. Colour, texture and painting an emotional world are all a part of the process.

Lee wants to inspire women to recognise their grace, and embrace the small details that add a world of class on a daily basis. Acknowledge the hour before the magic of the evening happens, glimpses of the world where she makes time to be beautiful – the preparation.  Pay tribute to the precious moments where she goes to create and recall her own unique style.

Lee has such a strong connection to the concept of painting Divas. In her heart and mind there is a whole world of Diva inspiration waiting to be shared, where people can harvest courage, strength, beauty, self-acceptance, humility, tolerance or just get what they need to be who they truly are.

Lee Teusner has always loved painting and drawing beauty and pretty women, and loves makeup, style and fashion as well. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn , Marilyn Monroe and many other strong, beautiful, classy women inspire Lee’s work.

Lee also noticed how painting beautiful images of women made her feel – she felt empowered and feminine within as she worked, transported into a romantic world and expressing a little piece of herself in each painting.

There are elements of realism and fantasy in Lee’s painting, to express the complex contradictions of a woman’s nature, strength and delicacy, humility and boldness, elegance and simplicity; they reflect what it is within us that remains to be explored.

Over the years Lee Teusner has travelled interstate with the workshops and exhibiting. She loves to travel with the Diva workshops, and will go wherever there is enough interest and a helper on the ground who can assist with the local details.

Lee Teusner’s studio gallery was an opportunity given to her by a friend who moved her business to Gawler in 2018. The property had a space above her business that she wouldn’t use, and she was inspired, she had visions of the light filled space with art on the walls, easels and scattered papers. She put the offer to Lee, and her imagination couldn’t let it go. Her vision for the studio is to have all sorts of workshops and exhibitions of her own and other artists’ work, and she’d love the space to offer the community a place of inspiration and be able to support other artists on their own journey. Being an artist can be an isolating journey and she would love to have a real-life community (not just social media community) that supports each other through art.

Lee Teusner’s paintings give women the luxury of being feminine and men an opportunity to remember why he loves her.

You can contact Lee Teusner about her art tips or art techniques directly via her website at

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Episode: S21E07

Original Air Date: 13th March 2020

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