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Leanne Hamilton

Leanne Hamilton meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour In Your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Leanne Hamilton appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Nineteen (19)

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Leanne Hamilton is a California, contemporary artist living in San Jose, CA painting oil on canvas typically on a larger scale. She explores themes that connect us spiritually to the world around us.

Leanne Hamilton was born in South Africa and spent most of her childhood roaming around outside on her grandparents farm where all around as far as the eye could see was open space, mountains, trees, cattle, sheep, corn and wheat. This created a sense of vastness in the world. The world was full of possibility and wonder. The power of nature was everywhere. It was everything. This sense of the Big Beauty of the world has never left and she still tries to capture it on canvas daily.

Leanne Hamilton’s work is  bold, positive contemporary art renditions of the natural world both inside and outside her home, and her experience of it. In Leanne’s sky series she is exploring aspects of freedom of spirit.  Often drawn to painting things swimming, or in flight: fish, birds, floating leaves, and butterflies as they can be free without limits, they convey so much of what is positive.

In her teatime series she is drawn to capturing those moments of coming together to celebrate, to chat, to connect for a few moments in a busy life, sometimes planned but often spontaneous.

In Leanne Hamilton’s abundance series she was deeply captivated by the underwater scenes of intense pure colours, the various textures, the movement and just all the possibility of life underwater.

Leanne Hamilton paints in a direct, bold manner with loose and expressive manner brushwork. She doesn’t hide her brushwork as she feels that the best way to convey the sense of aliveness of freedom, movement, and so on is through visible brushwork. Leanne also occasionally paints in cold wax medium and oils for a more textural look.

You can contact Leanne Hamilton about her art tips or art techniques directly via her website at

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Episode: S19E13

Original Air Date: 24th May 2019

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