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Julie Goldspink

Colour In Your life Julie Goldspink

Featured artist Julie Goldspink appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Nine (9).

Julie Goldspink works in the area of traditional media but does a lot of experimenting in mixed media, while she is probably best known for watercolours. She likes to describe herself best as a realist impressionist and doesn’t like to be governed by one style, medium or subject. Watercolours are wet into wet technique.

“Art is an addiction for me that never wanes, I hope to be able to enjoy painting and exhibiting for the rest of my life. As I travel around I realise that there won’t be enough years to paint all the scenes I see in this lifetime. I will have to be reincarnated for a few lifetimes, I am sure of that.

You have to be passionate and self-critical about painting when you’re putting yourself on show. For the public and hopefully selling to people from Australia and overseas.

The love and magic of creating a new artwork lives in the soul, and in my case consumes every part of me, plus every minute I can spare. Then, when I do get an opportunity I go off on another plein air painting trip, or another workshop to learn something new. As life is an eternal learning journey and my inspiration is born out of all the beauty of this world and not the ugly as we see portrayed in so many artworks these days.”  ~ Julie Goldspink

Born in 1951, Kingston, South Australia, Julie moved to NSW Central Coast in 1954, and then Coffs Harbour on the North Coast in 1956. Growing up in the beautiful seaside town gave her more inspiration and desire to pursue the growing love of art. Julie painted and exhibited while still at high school, winning local prizes and selling her work around the district.

She attended Tafe College at night studying oil painting and drawing, receiving certificates in both. Later moving to Sydney and then Canberra with work, she learnt porcelain painting and pottery at night, but found both too restrictive in exploring self-expression. After moving to Wagga Wagga, Julie painted and exhibited throughout the Riverina district, acquiring many awards and selling works to local and overseas art lovers.

While in Wagga Wagga, Julie attended Charles Sturt University – B.A. Visual arts course and gained a broad knowledge in art history, textiles, printmaking, painting and graphic arts. She is now based in Melbourne, Victoria. Being a former director of the Everglades Fine Art Gallery, she gained an appreciation for all forms of art and viewed the art world from a different perspective.

Julie has gained a respected reputation and is represented in galleries in Sydney and Country NSW, Queensland, and local galleries. She is best described as a realist painter but not restricted to one medium, style, or subject.

In February 2014, Julie was invited to become a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute.

You can contact Julie Goldspink via her website:

Episode: S09E09

Original Air Date: 28th February 2015

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