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Jo Frederiks

Jo Frederiks and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Jo Frederiks appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty Two (22).

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Jo Frederiks is a passionate animal rights advocate, speaking through her art to create awareness and inspire change to a vegan way of life. She is a full-time practising artist, exposing the well-hidden plight of animals we enslave, exploit and needlessly use for food, clothing, entertainment and research.

Working in varying mediums, Frederiks favours graphite and oil paint. She has previously studied at The Arts Academy in Brisbane, graduating with Honours. She has had many solo, joint, and group exhibitions throughout the years, and her work is in private collections in numerous countries across the world. Her drawings are sensitive, exquisite and beautifully detailed, portraying the unique character of each individual being.

Frederiks grew up on a million-acre cattle station in central Queensland, Australia. It was this environment that not only nurtured her connection to nonhuman animals but highlighted their immense vulnerability at the hands of humankind.

You can contact Jo Frederiks about her art and vegan philosophy directly via her website at

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Episode: S22E04

Original Air Date: 30th October 2020

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