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Jen Denise Stark

Colour In Your Life Jen Denise Stark

Featured artist Jen Denise Stark appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Six (6). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Jen Denise Stark is a self-taught artist who has, through dedication, persistence and experimenting, pushed through bad experiences to find her calling.

Painting is great therapy, giving so much satisfaction, not only to the artist themselves but to those who view the work. Jen likes to add a little something unusual to her works; little surprises that will not be seen at first glance. She has been inspired by the works of Amanda Krantz, and aspires to her techniques. In the interim, however, she has found her own, and from these crafted works of intricate colour and beauty.

Jen is a proud self-expressed Australian Artist creating unique floral works on canvas. She uses various untraditional methods and tools to achieve unusual results whilst working from her personal studio in Toowoomba Queensland. she was raised in the outback of Western Queensland on a 2,500-acre property 3 Kilometers outside of a small town called Miles.

Here she grew up in the bush where exploring nature was part of everyday life. Jen studied closely the layers of various plant lives, sometimes by pulling it apart to see how it was made. The hidden qualities she found always amazed her. By the age of 8, Jen realized that there were patterns and shapes that kept recurring in nature. With further research into the plant world as an art form, Jen found that all plants have the same mathematics that go into producing such intricate patterns in nature.

Through her passion for plant life and living so closely with nature as a child, she was encouraged to pursue her passion in painting and has dedicated her life to creating pieces that utilize these shapes and patterns that became a part of her life as a child. In her works, she uses a free flow approach utilizing various pours, squirts, runs, a little gravity, and a little time, to imitate nature in all its forms hence exaggerating the unseen qualities of flora and fauna. Jen let the paint depict the direction in which the piece will flow, she only facilitates each layer as it flows onto the canvas.

Jen bonds with each piece through texture, touch, colour, emotion and music. Only then can she use the method of subtraction and addition throughout each layer before delving into her subconscious memory to pursue the creative journey which each piece takes her on. Jen depicts her creations in an unusual and colourful way, using the principles and elements of design.

You can contact Jen Denise Stark directly via her website at

Episode: S06E01

Original Air Date: 3rd November 2013

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  1. Nance on October 28, 2015 at 4:18 am

    I just love the brightness of the works :)

  2. Ruby Nicholls on May 9, 2022 at 11:54 pm

    Her work is very unique. Pretty bright

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