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Janet Knight Ep1

Colour In your Life Janet Knight

Colour In Your Life featured artist Janet Knight appeared in Season Five (5).

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Janet was born in Melbourne, Australia, and from an early age displayed a natural interest in art and design. This interest expanded into a profession when she graduated from Ballarat University in 1984 with a Diploma of Fine Art majoring in Graphic Design. This led to a career in the exciting world of advertising for a major advertising agency, freelance design, and illustration work.

Janet has always loved experimenting with the visual arts and when she started exhibiting her work, her talent was quickly recognized. She was invited to be the demonstrating guest artist at the prestigious Camberwell Art Show, where she also sold a number of pieces.

Janet has received many awards and accolades and has her work hanging in local government chambers and private collections around the country.

The true joy in art for Janet is sharing the passion and teaching others. For many years she has helped the elderly with Art Therapy classes, which have been extremely rewarding. At her home studio gallery, she teaches art to the general public in all mediums.

What sets Janet apart is the diversity in her expertise as an accomplished, award-winning artist in watercolours, pastels, acrylics and oils. Whatever your learning interests may be, Janet can teach you how to make your dreams a reality. Janet’s current works are a testament to her ever-evolving passion for her art.

“When I pick up a brush the paintings emerge with a flow, sometimes I feel they are finished with a little spiritual influence, something that’s out of my hands.” – Janet Knight.

You can contact Janet Knight directly via her website at


Episode: S05E12

Original Air Date: 29th September 2013

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