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Ian Walton

Graeme Stevenson meets Ian WAlton

Colour in Your Life featured artist Ian Walton appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Fifteen (15)

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Ian Walton is a self taught artist who started painting in oils aged 13.

Ian’s work is in private collections worldwide and owners include Sir Richard Branson and HRH Prince Charles.

The knowledge of his subjects stems from being a passionate mountaineer and glider pilot.

Ian Walton is inspired by the power of nature, in particular the sky, mountains, and the sea. Ian works with a limited palette constantly striving to capture the drama of strong light and shade . He is influenced by JMW Turner, Winslow Homer, Frederick Judd Waugh and William Heaton Cooper, to name but a few.

Winner of North Wales Open 2014

Exhibitions: and ‘Litterarte’ (national anti-litter campaign)

National Gallery of Wales Cardiff September 2013

Tate Modern London

Tate Liverpool

Leeds city Art Gallery

National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

Mall galleries London 2011, 1988

The Albany Gallery Cardiff 2012

The Williamson Gallery Birkenhead 2012

NWOS 2013 Oriel Ynys Mon Llangefni

The Halcyon Galleries (Washington Green) Birmingham 1990

Plas Glyn Y Weddw, Llanbedrog 2013

Helfa Gelf 2012-13 Oriel Theatr Clwyd

Gorstella Gallery Chester 2012 2013

The Harbour Gallery Conwy 2012

The Willow gallery Oswestry 2011 , 2012

The Williamson Gallery Birkenhead 2003

The Black Sheep Gallery Chester solo 2000

Theatr Clwyd Open North Wales 1989, 19

Artist’s statement 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to the sea the sky and mountains . I think it’s the solitude, and also in a big way the vastness of our planet and how small we are as individual creatures. I stand in awe at the power of nature . My never ending goal is to try in some small way to portray or capture this.

After over 35 years I’m still learning and I still want to experiment with images. Unlike many artists I don’t want to stick with a tried and tested style or a formula that sells . Its nice when someone says ‘ is this one of yours ?’

I believe artists grow if they experiment and keep pushing the barriers ,and create at their best when they have a connection with the subject.

I try to paint every day, worried that I might not still be able to do it tomorrow ! In recent years my work has become looser and I try to avoid labouring over small areas. Capturing strong light and shade is very important to me. I love to work on bigger canvases. It gives me a greater sense of still being there !

Ian Walton


You can contact Ian Walton about his art tips or art techniques directly via his website at

Episode: S15E09

Original Air Date: 6th September 2017

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