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Helen Norton

Helen Norton and Graeme Stevenson shake hands on the set of Colour In Your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Helen Norton appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twenty (20)

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Helen Norton is a Professional Visual Artist, Owner and Director Norton Art Gallery in Perth, Australia. She teaches workshops in watercolour, acrylics and oils.
Helen Norton left home at sixteen to spend the next ten years working and living in the most remote desert locations in Australia. Not intending on becoming an artist, her ambitions focused on immersing herself in as much adventure as was possible to extract from life. She met her husband to be in the North West, and this led to a reluctant putting down of roots for a while in Broome West Australia. However the frustration of being stuck in Broome led to her picking up the paintbrush to create a continuing invention of adventures on the canvas.
For two decades, Helen continued her travels throughout the Kimberley, Pilbara and overseas as well as ‘over the seas’ – for her on board QE2 works. She has always used her life experiences to inject her artwork with more complex layers of narrative.
Her work gained acclaim quickly, and led to commissions from Qantas to paint two front covers for their in-flight magazines, an exhibition on the QE2, and exhibitions in London as well as successful exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney. With over sixty solo exhibitions and many more group showings, Helen’s work has been well received by the public.
Narration is the backbone of Helen Norton’s work. Her art thrives on a theme – whether it is the ancient story of Gilgamesh – a Sumerian king from five thousand years ago, an aboriginal queen of the Australian desert or an imaginative portrayal of living in a city today and all the contemporary issues of modern life; her intent is on capturing, communicating and exploring the narrative through bold, imaginative paintings.
She loves the tools of illusion, of being part of the scene and surrounding the viewer with an imagined reality – a ‘what if’ proposal. She uses the past as a mirror on to the present, not simply as a personal interpretation of the past to invite reflection.
Her use of colour, scale and composition emphasise the narrative context and give a sense of the materiality – and poignancy – to the physical world.
Helen Norton uses the genre on a grand scale, presenting the viewer with life as if it is a monumental event, while paying equal attention to identifying the smallest parts of our existence. Her narrative paintings expose our current choices and cultural contributions. Since the earliest paintings and etchings in rock, people have loved to tell stories. Helen Norton is without a doubt a consummate master of contemporary narrative art in Australia.
Helen Norton holds a Masters Degree in Analytical (Depth or Jungian) Psychology and is self taught as a painter. She has been exhibiting for thirty years, and is represented in collections nationally and internationally, having had over sixty solo exhibitions and many more group showings in Australia and overseas.
Helen Norton has been working with many charities over the past twenty years to raise funds for their causes and regards this is an important part of artists working back into the community.
You can contact Helen Norton about her art tips or art techniques directly via her website at

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Episode: S20E05

Original Air Date: 126th August 2019

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