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Graeme Stevenson Ep3 Watercolour

Colour In Your Life Graeme Stevenson on

Colour in Your Life featured artist Graeme Stevenson appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Three (3)

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Born June 29th, 1958 in New South Wales, Australia, Graeme Stevenson began painting and studying animals and even at a young age had a tremendous fascination with the world around him. He began breeding Australian Parrots, and in his teen years took up the ancient sport of falconry. As his interest in art began to grow, he used the birds that surrounded him-his pets- as subjects for his paintings. After obtaining his pilots license, he began to explore the vast areas of Australia, photographing, sketching, and eventually painting the exotic animals of this land. His reputation as an artist began to grow and his one-man and two-man exhibitions were greatly successful. Graeme then began traveling to other parts of the world to study his subjects and to display his work. Africa, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, U.K., U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, Alaska and the Middle East, Pacific Islands, were some of the places to which he ventured, receiving offers from publishers who produced his works in limited edition.

In 1988 he was commissioned to produce all of the paintings for the book The Atlas of Parrots, one of the largest editions of its size in the world. This Book is displayed in the New York, Paris and London Natural History Museums. Graeme Stevenson eventually decided to turn his imagination and his art ability in a new direction.

Now living in both Australia and the United States, he is able to study the many varied animals of America and to produce a series of paintings that enable him to explore different ideas and to present work that also has the ability to tell a story of the subjects that he paints. Graeme has appeared on the front cover of a number of U.S Art magazines and in 2000 was voted as one of the 25 most influential Artists, by U.S Art , to watch for in the coming decades He was also written up in International Artist as a Master Artist for his time. He also paints fantasy and romantic scenes of mother and child.

Graeme Stevenson has had many one and two man shows in galleries throughout the world and his work has been sought after by many companies such as: The Bradford Exchange, The Hamilton Collection, The Franklin Mint, Impulse Wear, Portal Publication, Plymouth Publications, Leannin Tree Inc., Folio Editions, Imprimatur Publishers, Studio 02, T. F. H. Publications, FX Schmidt Warren Inc., Ravensburger Sunsout Inc., Collector’s Fine Art, Bits and Pieces, Fortune Art Inc, Artvisions, Fineart wholesalers, Wholesalers U.S.A, Second Nature Platonium, Mystic stitch, Grant Sterling, Attic Japan and M.B.I UK.

You can contact Graeme Stevenson via his website at
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Episode: S03E12

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