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Colour In Your Life Gina Davey

Colour in Your Life featured artist Gina Davey appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Two (2)

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Gina Davey is an Artist who has a wonderful understanding of the Natural world. Her attention to light and form is amazing and her dedication to presenting the creatures of the world in their natural habitats is inspiring.

Gina Davey’s said her primary goal as an artist was to capture the light as it passed through or bounced off an animal or object.

“I hope my paintings make people pause for a moment and see something that they may never have noticed before,” Gina said.

She now calls Maryborough home after making the move from Maleny about two years ago.

Gina  has been focusing on her art as a full-time profession for the past 10 years and is already making plans for her next exhibition.

You can contact Gina Davey directly via her website at


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Episode: S02E09

Original Air Date: 12th August 2012

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