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Colour In your Life Gillian Grove

Colour in Your Life featured artist Gillian Grove appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Six (6)

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Artable founder and teacher Gillian Grove teaches adult’s drawing and children’s classes. Whilst drawing is one of Gillian’s passions, she is proficient in working with oils, acrylics and pastel and holds a passion for working ‘plein air’ (from life outdors).

Gillian has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and is passionate about making art available to everyone, both adults and children, regardless of what skill level they possess. Gillian holds a strength in being able to break down complex concepts so that they are easily understood and works behind the scenes to design classes that teach the ‘how to’ in a fun and relaxed environment.

“Like most things in life once you learn how, you can practice to get better and better. No matter what age or what experience you have had everyone can learn art skills to enjoy a life time of arts practice.” – Gillian Grove

You can contact Gillian Grove through Artable at


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Episode: S06E11

Original Air Date: 23rd Feb 2014

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