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Frank Arnold

Frank Arnold meets Graeme Stevenson in Colour IN Your Life

Colour in Your Life featured artist Frank Arnold appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Seventeen (17)

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A Canberran through and through, Frank Arnold opened the first Design Studio in Canberra in 1979 offering services in Architecture and Graphic Design. It was known as ‘the sheltered workshop for the creatively insane’. Frank’s painting style is a release from the constraints of Graphic Design and Architecture although his sense of composition still remains.

Frank’s design studio, Quantum Ideas, has been a Canberra institution since 1979. It operated from Casa Del Franco, on Furneaux Street in Manuka, for 20 years.

Frank Arnold has designed houses, brothels, hairdressing salons, fashion stores and even office buildings in Canberra, The work he is most proud of though is the following:-

  • Starting the very first real design studio in Canberra, Quantum Ideas Bureau, back in 1979 and sustaining it for 38 years.
  • Forcing the ACT government to approve ‘al fresco’ dining in the ACT, starting with Grande’s in Manuka, Noshes in Garema Place and ultimately the approval of outdoor eating at Gus’s Cafe.
  • Working with Alby Sedaitis at Canberry Fair to turn it into the weekend party central for Canberra, and running the biggest new year’s eve concert that Canberra had ever seen.
  • Lobbying Canberra CIT to establish the first ever Graphic Design course in the ACT.
  • My contribution to the ACT Arts Council, the Board of the School of Art and M16 Artspace.

Frank Arnold continues to be a busy man so much so that recently he designed a house for some clients on Aegina, it’s a beautiful resort and fishing village, where he stayed in the house for 10 days. He got looked after by the beautiful Greek people, so much so that he is now looking at buying a little place on the island.

You can contact Frank Arnold about their art tips or art techniques directly via his website at

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Episode: S17E11

Original Air Date: 28th June 2018

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