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Fiona Kerr Gedson

Colour In Your Life Fiona Kerr Gedson

Featured artist Fiona Kerr Gedson appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Twelve (12). Read a little bit about the artist here and support our site by joining and watching the episode below.

Fiona works from her home near Opotiki, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, where she lives with her two daughters; her two sons having recently left home. Her work allows her to reflect and pay honor to the things that are of importance to her.

Fiona is fortunate to be well represented throughout New Zealand and has been included in group exhibitions in France, Los Angeles, and Japan. The recent tartan theme has come about as her work has developed more structure. In her previous work, the lines and angles have reflected Taaniko and Tukutuku panel designs.

The tartan series celebrates Fiona’s Scottish heritage. It was inspired by a visit from a cousin who shared his knowledge of the Kerr family history. The solid Tartan works conjure feelings of nostalgia, history, and heritage; works 9-12 have a more contemporary feel for Fiona.

These pieces retain the meditative qualities of her Mandala works; though where the Mandala draws your focus inward, centering you, the tartan encourages you to broaden and expand your thoughts.

There are Spiritual teachings in which some say we vibrate grids, which the ‘Law of Attraction’ fills in as our life experience; the more consciously one vibrates these grids, the better one’s life will be. The grid-like pattern of the tartan is a nod to Fiona’s beliefs in these teachings.

The vast displays of feathers are also indicative of Kahu Huruhuru – traditional Maori feather cloaks. These are highly treasured as displays of mana – honor and prestige; as are Tartans.

You can contact Fiona Kerr Gedson via her website at 

Episode: S12E12

Original Air Date: 8th April 2016

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