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Colour in Your Life featured artist Els Dirickx appeared on Colour In Your Life Season Eleven (11)

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It originated March 2012. When twin grandchildren Ari and Kai, at only 3 1/2 years of age, started exploring the joys of painting on roughly cut slabs of timber.

While watching them, Els Dirickx noticed the effects sunshine and shadows on their brilliant wet paint colours and the interactions with the textures in the wood. It was then that she decided to progressively photograph their work. Throwing clean water over the wood and keeping it wet, allowed them to easily spread the paint and brush on more colours.

Later, viewing these photos on the computer screen, the potential of Ari and Kai’s art as a basis for further creativity, became a exciting revelation!.

Els Dirickx realized that using Photoshop and the mouse as a drawing tool, an image created by the twins, had within it the potential for transformation into a completely new and recognisable image!

It was this enlightened discovery that lead Els Dirickx to explore the same process but using selected cropped details of her photographs of naturally created images on trees, timber, split firewood, and rusty old metal to name but a few.

You can contact Els Dirickx via her website: http://www.arikaireverseart.com.au/


Episode: S11E04

Original Air Date: 5th September 2015

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